Aulus Counter Mobile Legends

Aulus, the Warrior of Ferocity, embodies the raw strength and resilience of a traditional fighter in Mobile Legends. With an arsenal designed for decimation and skills that boost both his offense and defense, he’s a formidable foe on the battlefield. However, no hero is devoid of weaknesses or insurmountable by the right counters. This comprehensive … Read more

Natan Counter Mobile Legends 

Natan, the Spacetime Walker in Mobile Legends, has garnered a reputation as a formidable marksman with an extraordinary late-game impact. His abilities that bend the rules of spacetime can turn the tides of a game. Yet, there’s always a chink in the armor, a way to undermine even the most resilient of adversaries. In the … Read more

Floryn Counter Mobile Legends

Floryn, the Budding Hope, has blossomed into one of the standout support characters in Mobile Legends, known for her unparalleled healing capabilities and the unique passive that benefits the entire team. However, no hero is without their counters, and understanding how to effectively neutralize Floryn’s influence can be the key to securing victory. This guide … Read more

Mathilda Counter Mobile Legends

Mathilda, the Swift Plume, is a support mage known for her unique ability to warp space and provide exceptional mobility to her team. Her skills are focused on dealing damage and protecting her allies on the high-speed battlefield. Even though she’s popular among players due to her unique abilities, understanding her weakness can ensure that … Read more

Popol and Kupa Counter Mobile Legends

The convergence of Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends brings forth a rare combination of a human and beast operating as a singular hero. This unique duo can create havoc on the battlefield with their synergy, crowd control (CC), and zone control. Nevertheless, understanding their vulnerabilities can equip you with the knowledge to effectively counter … Read more

Esmeralda Counter Mobile Legends 

Esmeralda takes a unique place amongst the heroes with her ability to simultaneously deal damage and sustain herself through the toughest of battles. Known for her shields that convert into health, this hero can be a daunting force on the battlefield. However, like all celestial entities, she too has weaknesses that can be exploited with … Read more

Paquito Mobile Legends Counter

Paquito emerges as a formidable force on the Mobile Legends battlefield, boasting high mobility, versatile fight tactics, and the potential to execute hit-and-run strategies effectively. With the agility of a seasoned boxer, this fighter excels in ambushing opponents and can adapt roles from jungling to assassinating with ease. However, even the strongest warriors have their … Read more

Brody Counter Mobile Legends

Brody, with his unique ability to deal extensive damage while on the move, has carved out a reputation as a fearsome marksman in Mobile Legends. His early-game dominance is marked by high damage output and mobility, making him a formidable foe. However, Brody is not invincible, and understanding how to counter him can shift the … Read more

Aamon Counter Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends battleground, Aamon emerges as a daunting figure. Known for his ability to deal devastating burst damage and then vanish into thin air, he specializes in hunting down solitary, vulnerable targets with unmatched agility. Yet, no matter how formidable Aamon may appear, he is not without his counters. This article will explore … Read more

Moskov Counter Mobile Legends

The battlefield of Mobile Legends is home to various champions possessing unique strengths and weaknesses; amongst these is Moskov, the Spear of Quiescence. This agile monster can often be seen penetrating enemy lines with his basic attack and causing chaos with his ability to stun and knock back his foes. Despite his prowess, no hero … Read more