Melissa Counter Mobile Legends

To counter Melissa effectively in Mobile Legends, understanding her gameplay dynamics is essential. Melissa starts weak but becomes formidable in the late game thanks to her damage output and the protective capabilities of her ultimate. She shines in kiting enemies and executing powerful wave clears. However, exploiting her early-game vulnerabilities and employing strategic itemization can turn the tide against her.

Heroes That Counter Melissa

These heroes are known to counter Melissa effectively, mainly due to their ability to either close gaps quickly, withstand her attack, or control her movement:

  1. Clint
  2. Edith
  3. Franco
  4. Lancelot
  5. Hayabusa

Melissa tends to perform well against:

  1. Yin
  2. Leomord
  3. Yu Zhong
  4. Brody
  5. Mathilda

Counter Items Against Melissa

To reduce her combat effectiveness, consider the following items:

  • Dominance Ice: Reduces Melissa’s attack speed.
  • Physical Defense Items:
    • Twilight Armor
    • Antique Cuirass
    • Blade Armor
  • Wind of Nature: Grants temporary immunity to physical damage.
  • Winter Truncheon: Useful for dodging Melissa’s skill shots.
  • Movement Speed Reduction Items:
    • Corrosion Scythe
    • Ice Queen Wand
    • Thunder Belt
  • Immortality: Offers a second chance in battle, especially useful against burst damage heroes like Melissa.

Counter Strategies Against Melissa

  • Apply pressure early in the game to hinder Melissa’s item progression.
  • Utilize crowd control effectively and aim to eliminate her quickly in team fights before she can use her ultimate for protection.
  • Given her strength in the late game, aim to secure objectives and push lanes early to force a quicker end to the match.
  • Assassins should flank and prioritize eliminating Melissa due to her vulnerability to sudden attacks.
  • Ambush tactics are effective against Melissa, especially when she is navigating alone.
  • Slowing down Melissa’s attack speed can significantly reduce her damage output in fights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Melissa


  • High damage potential
  • Effective wave clear
  • Good mobility
  • Potent late-game presence


  • Vulnerable in the early game
  • Dependent on items for maximum effectiveness
  • Can be easily overpowered if caught


Countering Melissa requires a mix of strategic aggression in the early game, appropriate itemization to neutralize her strengths, and exploiting her weaknesses with suitable heroes. By focusing on these areas, players can diminish Melissa’s impact in the game and secure an advantage for their team.

*Disclaimer: This guide provides strategies based on typical gameplay scenarios and may not account for every possible situation. Performance in Mobile Legends can vary greatly depending on individual skill, team composition, and the dynamic nature of each match. These strategies are intended as a guide and not a guaranteed roadmap to victory.

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