Lapu Lapu Counter Mobile Legends

Lapu Lapu emerges as a formidable solo fighter in Mobile Legends, boasting strengths that make him a powerhouse on the battlefield. With his ability to deal high damage, quick farming capabilities, remarkable mobility, and aptitude for jungling, he stands tall among heroes. However, his dominance can be challenged by deploying specific strategies and utilizing counter heroes and items effectively.

Counter Heroes

To counter Lapu Lapu, it’s advisable to employ heroes that excel in solo fights right from the game’s onset, thereby inhibiting Lapu Lapu’s power growth in the latter stages. Building shield reduction items early on can significantly weaken his passive ability, turning the tide in your favor. Heroes known to counter Lapu Lapu include Esmeralda, Yu Zhong, Arlott, Aldous, and Alpha, mainly due to their superior win rates against him.

Counter Items

Items play a pivotal role in countering Lapu Lapu. Opt for Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, or Dominance Ice to curtail his shield advantage. Immortality can be a lifesaver, offering a second chance at life should Lapu Lapu prove lethal. For Assassins and Marksmen, Wind of Nature provides a temporal respite from physical damage, while Mage characters could benefit from Winter Truncheon for its damage resistance. Additionally, incorporating physical defense items like Thunder Belt, Brute Force Breastplate, Blade Armor, and Antique Cuirass bolster your defenses against his onslaught.

Counter Tips

  • Evade confrontations when he’s in his one blade state.
  • Choose heroes with Crowd Control (CC) abilities.
  • Maintain a safe distance to avoid his ultimate, which has a notably low cooldown.
  • As Lapu Lapu excels in split pushing, ensure constant vigilance to thwart his efforts.
  • Avoid clustering to minimize the impact of his AOE damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Lapu Lapu shines with his quick clear speed, exceptional mobility, tankiness, high damage output, low skill cooldowns, and proficiency in jungling and roaming. However, he does have vulnerabilities, such as an initial learning complexity and, paradoxically, instances of low mobility.

Skill Power

Lapu Lapu’s arsenal includes his Passive (Homeland Defender), which grants buffs and shields, his first skill (Justice Blades) that unleashes AOE damage, and his second skill (Jungle Warrior) enhancing his mobility and damage. His Ultimate (Bravest Fighter) morphs him, boosting his mobility further.

In Conclusion

While Lapu Lapu can be a threatening force in Mobile Legends, understanding his weaknesses and employing the right heroes and items can effectively neutralize his advantages. Always adapt your strategy to the evolving dynamics of the game and leverage your knowledge of Lapu Lapu’s skill set to secure victory.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of these strategies, heroes, and items may vary based on game updates and changes within the Mobile Legends meta. Always stay updated with the latest game developments for the most accurate counters.

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