Irithel Counter Mobile Legends

Irithel is a dynamic Marksman in Mobile Legends, known for her tremendous kiting potential and devastating basic attacks. Embodying flexibility, AOE damage, slow, and an ultimate that ramps up her damage, she can dominate in the right hands. Countering her requires targeted strategies, adept use of counter heroes, and mindful item selection.

Counter Heroes

Countering Irithel is about thwarting her farming abilities and curbing her late-game dominance. Assassins who can sneak up on her excel in this role. The heroes with notable win rates against Irithel include:

  • Natalia
  • Freya
  • Helcurt
  • Kagura
  • Hayabusa

These heroes typically bring the burst damage, crowd control, or evasion necessary to take Irithel down before she can leverage her power.

Counter Items

Itemization can drastically reduce Irithel’s combat effectiveness. Dominance Ice is excellent for cutting down her attack speed. Stacking on physical defense with items like Twilight Armor, Antique Cuirass, and Blade Armor will diminish the damage she deals. Additionally, using Wind of Nature for its damage immunity or Winter Truncheon for its freeze effect can give Assassins and Mages, respectively, an edge in surviving her onslaught. Movement speed reduction is also crucial, with items like Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, and Thunder Belt hampering her kiting ability. Don’t forget Immortality for a crucial second life in tight skirmishes.

Counter Tips

  • Prevent Irithel from free farming in the early game through effective ganking.
  • Employ heroes with crowd control (CC) or slowing effects to counter her mobility.
  • Engage her with burst damage in close quarters to capitalize on her weakness.
  • Ambush tactics are beneficial if Irithel is caught roaming alone.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Irithel can unleash burst damage, critical strikes, exceptional kiting, and holds high carry potential, making her a late-game terror. She is, however, limited by a slightly shorter range than some other Marksman heroes, a reliance on items for peak performance, a vulnerable early game, and dependency on her skills to maximize effectiveness.

Skill Power

Irithel’s abilities complement her playstyle:

  • Passive – Jungle Heart: Enhances her mobility while attacking.
  • First Skill – Strafe: Deals AOE damage and can debuff enemies.
  • Second Skill – Force of the Queen: Slows enemies down and deals AOE damage.
  • Ultimate – Heavy Crossbow: Enhances her mobility and damage, hallmarking her kiting prowess.

In Conclusion

While Irithel can be a potent force in the late game, a strategy that includes early ganks, effective use of counter items, and the deployment of heroes with burst damage and crowd control can greatly mitigate her impact on the match.

Disclaimer: The counters mentioned are subject to change based on the prevailing Mobile Legends meta, updates, and balance changes. To remain effective, always check the latest patches and in-game statistics.

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