Edith Counter Mobile Legends

Countering Edith in Mobile Legends demands a clear understanding of her capabilities, strategic engagements, and the right selection of heroes and items. Recognized for her robust defense, versatile abilities, and impactful crowd control (CC), Edith can dominate battles if not effectively checked.

Heroes That Counter Edith

Edith is Weak Against:

  1. Aamon
  2. Natan
  3. Beatrix
  4. Bane
  5. Roger

These heroes excel against Edith due to their ability to outmaneuver her and deliver significant damage, bypassing her defenses.

Edith is Strong Against:

  1. Popol
  2. Mathilda
  3. Paquito
  4. Phoveus
  5. Benedetta

Edith’s strengths lie in her crowd control abilities, making her particularly effective against these heroes.

Items That Counter Edith

Selecting the right items is crucial to overcoming Edith’s tankiness and defenses:

  • Genius Wand – Lowers the magic defense of Edith, making her more vulnerable to magical attacks.
  • Hunter Strike – Provides extra movement speed and cooldown reduction for better positioning and more frequent skill use.
  • Divine Glaive – Offers magic penetration, beneficial against high-magic-defense heroes.
  • Demon Hunter Sword – Effective for sustained damage dealers, particularly against tank heroes.
  • Glowing Wand – Burns extra HP, beneficial against tanks.
  • Malefic Roar – Offers physical penetration, useful for taking down armored targets.
  • Blade of Despair – Increases damage, especially against heroes with higher HP.

Tips to Counter Edith

  • Engage in 2v1 Situations: Edith struggles against coordinated attacks from multiple heroes.
  • Delay Ultimate Usage: Allies with burst damage should wait to use their ultimates until after Edith engages.
  • Exploit her After Ultimate Form: Focus burst damage on Edith after she transforms.
  • Control the Early Game: Edith is weaker in the early game. Take advantage of this by securing objectives and limiting her farm.

Edith’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High defense capabilities and powerful crowd control make her a formidable front-liner.
  • Versatility in her skill set allows for flexibility in battles.
  • Skill reliance without mana requirements offers sustained engagement potential.


  • Complex mechanics make her challenging for some players to master.
  • Mediocre damage output and defense without the right build.
  • Vulnerable in the early game and dependent on itemization.
  • Struggles in the laning phase against aggressive or highly mobile opponents.


Effectively countering Edith involves a combination of strategic hero selections, itemization tailored to exploit her vulnerabilities, and tactical gameplay to leverage her early-game weaknesses. While Edith boasts considerable defensive strengths and crowd control abilities, she is not invincible. With the right approach, players can mitigate her impact and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of these strategies against Edith can vary based on the individual’s skill level, team coordination, and the dynamic nature of each match. These suggestions provide a general framework for countering Edith but do not guarantee victory.

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