Jawhead Mobile Legends Counter

Jawhead is a formidable fighter in Mobile Legends, endowed with the ability to rapidly close distances with his Skill 2, create protective shields, and execute powerful burst attacks using his skill 1 and ultimate. His resilience and offensive capabilities make him a significant threat in hands-on combat. Counter Tactics Effectively countering Jawhead involves maintaining distance, … Read more

Angela Mobile Legends Counter

Angela is a crucial support hero in Mobile Legends known for her ability to significantly bolster her allies’ combat effectiveness with speed buffs, healing, and armor increases, while also being capable of dealing respectable damage. Despite these strengths, Angela’s dependence on her allies and her vulnerability to burst damage can be exploited. Counter Tactics Efficient … Read more

Gusion Mobile Legends Counter

Assassin Menace: Gusion is notorious for his agility, high burst damage, and the ability to dramatically shift the game’s tide in favor of his team. He preys on heroes with low HP with a ruthlessness that can quickly snowball into a formidable threat. Counter Tactics Confronting Gusion demands a well-planned approach: lock him down with … Read more

Harley Mobile Legends Counter

Early Game Threat: Harley shines early in the game with his potent, relentless damage output. Thanks to his magical abilities, any time he strikes, he shaves off a chunk of the enemy’s magic defense. His nimble nature combined with a devastating ultimate makes him a force to reckon with, tearing through adversaries with ease. Strategies … Read more

Martis Counter Mobile Legends

Martis ranks amongst the prominent fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, revered for his extraordinary damage output and quick combat rhythm. With his skills Mortal Coil and Decimation, he can efficiently charge into fights and finish off targets. Martis’s Weaknesses and Counters Martis has his fair share of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited through crowd control, … Read more

Uranus Counter Mobile Legends

Uranus, a versatile tank hero in Mobile Legends, is recognized for his incredible HP recovery. This hero is straightforward to play, possesses an uncanny knack for escalating movement speed, effectively dispelling slow effects, and achieving impressive tankiness in the late game. Uranus’s Weaknesses and Counters For all his perks, Uranus has points of vulnerability. He … Read more

Grock Counter Mobile Legends

Grock is a durable tank seen in Mobile Legends, boasting formidable advantages near walls or turrets. Skirting around these areas, Grock gains increased movement speed, physical defense, and HP regeneration. He can unload a series of crowd control skills, dealing substantial damage while becoming an irritant in confrontations. Grock’s Weaknesses and Counters However, Grock has … Read more

5 Best Hair Removal Creams in the Philippines

In the diverse climate of the Philippines, which alternates between sunny warmth and the moist embrace of the rainy season, achieving and maintaining silky, hairless skin is a common goal for many. With the evolving demands of beauty enthusiasts, hair removal creams have gained popularity as a pain-free, effective, and budget-friendly option. Whether you find … Read more