Kimmy Counter Mobile Legends

Countering Kimmy in Mobile Legends revolves around exploiting her weaknesses while negating her unique strengths. Renowned for her ability to attack while moving and her hybrid damage output, Kimmy can dominate lanes and pressure opponents across the map. However, her distinct playstyle and requirements for precision make her challenging to master and vulnerable to specific counters.

Heroes That Counter Kimmy

Kimmy is Weak Against:

  1. Gusion
  2. Aldous
  3. Hayabusa
  4. Lancelot
  5. Lolita

These heroes excel against Kimmy, largely due to their ability to close distance quickly, bypass her range advantage, and either burst her down or block her attacks.

Kimmy is Strong Against:

  1. Valir
  2. Minotaur
  3. Moskov
  4. Vale
  5. Hylos

Kimmy can effectively outmaneuver and outdamage these heroes, making her a formidable opponent in direct confrontations.

Items That Counter Kimmy

Effective itemization can drastically reduce Kimmy’s impact in a game:

  • Blade Armor – Reflects a portion of the physical damage received, punishing Kimmy for her continuous attacks.
  • Athena’s Shield – Provides a magic damage shield, useful given her hybrid damage output.

Tips to Counter Kimmy

  • Focus on High Mobility and Crowd Control: Heroes that can chase down or immobilize Kimmy negate her mobility advantage.
  • Spell Sprint Usage: An effective escape mechanism if you find yourself unable to flee due to Kimmy’s slowing effects.
  • Coordinate Attacks: Kimmy is fragile; coordinated team efforts can exploit her vulnerability and take her out before she can react properly.

Kimmy’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Extremely powerful in the early game with the potential to secure an early advantage.
  • Unique ability to attack while moving, presenting constant pressure and kite opportunities.
  • Wide range and hybrid damage allow her to contribute significantly to team fights and objectives.


  • High skill cap due to the necessity for precise aiming and movement.
  • Relatively low durability, making her susceptible to bursts.
  • Limited by her unique attack mechanism, which excludes attack speed benefits and requires precise aiming for effectiveness.


Countering Kimmy involves strategic hero picks that can close distance or effectively apply crowd control, thoughtful itemization to mitigate her damage, and tactical gameplay that exploits her fragility and high skill requirement for precise aiming. Addressing her early-game dominance through coordinated efforts and maintaining pressure can mitigate her impact and help secure victory against teams dependent on her for damage output.

Disclaimer: The success of these strategies against Kimmy can be influenced by many factors, including skill level, team composition, and the evolving dynamics of each match. Adaptation and understanding of the game’s broader strategic elements are essential for effectively countering specific heroes like Kimmy.

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