Valentina Counter Mobile Legends

In the game of Mobile Legends, certain strategies aim to help players counter specific characters, such as Valentina. Valentina tends to gain momentum in the late game and possesses the ability to heal herself and steal enemy ultimates. Therefore, it is crucial to stifle Valentina’s ascension early in the game, restricting her from farming, and try to conclude the match as early as possible.

Heroes who often manage to counter Valentina effectively are those who can reduce her healing ability. Some notable characters are:

Valentina’s Weaknesses

Based on win rates against Valentina, these heroes tend to counter her effectively:

  1. Natan
  2. Paquito
  3. Granger
  4. Barats
  5. Selena

On the other hand, certain heroes tend to struggle against Valentina:

Valentina’s Strengths

Based on win rates against these heroes, Valentina often comes out on top:

  1. Floryn
  2. Aulus
  3. Phoveus
  4. Esmeralda
  5. Dyrroth

To diminish Valentina’s healing, several items can help:

Items That Counter Valentina

  1. Sea Halberd
  2. Necklace of Durance
  3. Dominance Ice

Defense-wise, magical defense items can be beneficial:

  1. Oracle
  2. Athena’s Shield
  3. Radiant Armor
  4. Cursed Helmet

The Winter Truncheon can help you evade Valentina’s skills effectively.

Tips to Counter Valentina

  1. Valentina is weak against heroes with crowd control (cc) skills.
  2. Early ganking restrains Valentina’s late-game power.
  3. Use burst damage to eliminate Valentina before she activates her ultimate.
  4. Stealing Valentina’s blue buff can disrupt her early game.
  5. In battle, targeting Valentina in the backline can prove beneficial.

Valentina’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Decent crowd control effects
  2. Main burst damage
  3. Ability to copy skills
  4. Able to alter basic attacks


  1. Vulnerable to specific crowd control effects
  2. Generally weak in the early game

*Disclaimer: This content is intended to provide guidance for players countering Valentina in Mobile Legends. However, success may vary significantly depending on individual skill level, in-game strategy, and the opposing team’s composition. These tips should serve as guidelines but are not guaranteed to ensure a win.

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