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Yve, the Astrowarden, is a formidable mage in Mobile Legends, boasting a unique combination of high damage output, extensive crowd control (CC) capabilities, and an unmatched ability to dominate team fights and early game scenarios. Her kit, centered around her ultimate “Real World Manipulation,” allows her to dictate the flow of battles from a safe distance. However, no hero is without counterplay. This guide will delve into the specific strategies, heroes, items, and tips necessary to counter Yve effectively, turning her from a feared mage into a manageable foe.

Heroes That Counter Yve

Countering Yve requires heroes who can outmaneuver her CC, close distances quickly, and exert pressure on her from the early stages of the game. Based on win rates and gameplay dynamics, the following heroes are known to be effective counters to Yve:

  • Helcurt – His ability to silence enemies makes it difficult for Yve to cast her spells, disrupting her combo and ultimate.
  • Nana – Her Molina’s Gift can transform Yve, interrupting her skill channeling, especially her ultimate.
  • Natalia – Excelling in stealth and burst damage, Natalia can bypass Yve’s front line and eliminate her before she gets the chance to impact the fight.
  • Franco – His hook and suppress can pull Yve into unfavorable positions, making her an easy target for your team.
  • Kaja – With his ability to quickly dive the backline and his ult that can suppress Yve, Kaja can neutralize her before she unleashes her full power.

Heroes Vulnerable to Yve

Conversely, Yve tends to excel against heroes who lack mobility or rely heavily on positioning, such as:

  • Luo Yi
  • Cecilion
  • Pharsa
  • Valir
  • Hanabi

Essential Items to Counter Yve

Proper itemization can drastically reduce Yve’s effectiveness in battle. Consider incorporating the following items into your build:

  • Oracle and Athena’s Shield for increased magic defense and shield absorption.
  • Radiant Armor to mitigate the effects of continuous magic damage.
  • Cursed Helmet and Rose Gold Meteor also provide magic resistance, with the latter offering a crucial magic damage shield.
  • Winter Truncheon is vital for surviving Yve’s ultimate, granting temporary invulnerability.

Items to Reduce Yve’s Mobility and Shield

Slowing Yve’s movement or reducing her shield can cripple her ability to kite or survive engagements:

  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand slow her down, making her an easier target.
  • Thunder Belt also reduces movement speed while providing your hero with additional tankiness.
  • Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, and Dominance Ice can cut down her healing and shield effectiveness.

Neutralizing Yve’s CC

  • Purify – This battle spell is essential for escaping Yve’s CC, especially her ultimate, “Real World Manipulation.”

Tips for Countering Yve

While selecting the right heroes and items is critical, your approach and tactics in-game are what seal the victory against Yve:

  • Pressure Early: Exploit Yve’s high mana consumption and relative vulnerability in the early game. Deny her farm and invade her jungle.
  • Ambush: Utilize bushes for ambushes. Catching Yve off-guard can lead to an easy kill, especially before team fights start.
  • Split and Spread: In team fights, avoid clumping together to mitigate the impact of Yve’s AOE CC and damage.
  • Prioritize Mobility: Choose highly mobile heroes to dodge Yve’s skills, especially her ultimate, and to close in on her quickly.


Yve can be a nightmare to deal with when left unchecked. However, by employing a strategic approach focused on preemptive pressure, mobility, and targeted aggression, you can turn the tide against her. Remember, the key to countering Yve lies not just in the choice of heroes and items but in adapting your playstyle to exploit her weaknesses while minimizing her strengths. With the right preparation and mindset, you can ensure Yve’s galactic prowess is grounded before it takes off.

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