Novaria Mobile Legends Counter

Novaria, the Queen of the Night Sky, is a versatile poke mage excelling in terrain penetration, crowd control (CC), area-of-effect (AoE) damage, and team fights. Despite her superior positioning ability and damage output, she can be taken down by focusing on her weaknesses – relatively low durability and lack of mobility. This guide will detail the strategies, heroes, items, and tips to help counter Novaria effectively.

Heroes That Counter Novaria

Countering Novaria largely involves using heroes that can close in on her rapidly or disrupt her from the backline. Looking at win rates, these heroes pose a significant threat to her:

  • Lolita – Her shield can block Novaria’s AoE attacks, greatly reducing her impact on team fights.
  • Yuzhong – His ability to dive the backline and his strong sustain can put significant pressure on Novaria.
  • Natalia – Her stealth and burst damage potential can quickly eliminate Novaria.
  • Ling and Fanny – Their high mobility allows them to bypass terrain, close in on Novaria swiftly, and take her out.

Heroes Vulnerable to Novaria

On the contrary, Novaria has an advantage against heroes who lack mobility or are heavily reliant on positioning, such as:

  • Aldous
  • Chou
  • Lancelot
  • Odette
  • Miya

Essential Items to Counter Novaria

Being a mage, Novaria deals primarily magic damage. Therefore, proper utilization of magic resistance items is key to surviving her onslaught:

  • Oracle and Athena’s Shield to boost your magic defense and shield absorption.
  • Radiant Armor to mitigate the effects of continuous magic damage.
  • Cursed Helmet and Rose Gold Meteor offer more magic resistance, with the latter providing a magic damage shield.
  • Winter Truncheon can momentarily make you invulnerable, helping you avoid her high-damage skills.

Items to Reduce Novaria’s Mobility

  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand – these items significantly slow down Novaria, making it harder for her to reposition or escape.

Tips for Countering Novaria

With the right tactics and decision-making, you can curb Novaria’s impact significantly:

  • Avoid Terrain Fights: Novaria excels in fights near the terrain due to her penetrating abilities. Try to engage her in open areas.
  • Ambush: Use bushes for surprise attacks; catching Novaria off-guard can lead to an easy kill.
  • Avoid Grouping: In team fights, avoid standing together to escape her AoE damage.
  • Target Novaria First: In team fights, focus on Novaria first, as taking her out early significantly reduces the enemy team’s damage output.
  • Use CC: Heroes with crowd-control abilities can lock Novaria down and help the team clean her up.


Despite Novaria’s ability to control fights and deal AoE magic damage from a distance, a targeted approach can tip the scales in your favor. Use heroes with high mobility and crowd-control, coupled with essential magic resistance items, to neutralize her threat. Use tactical positioning during fights and keep applying pressure on her. With the right decisions and itemization, Novaria will spend less time controlling battles and more time watching them from the sidelines.

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