Yakimix Prices: The Yakimix Buffet Extravaganza

Nestled amidst the vibrant epicurean landscape of the Philippines, Yakimix has risen as a sanctuary for food connoisseurs who yearn for an extensive variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culinary treats. Opening its doors in December 2008, its primary branch on Macapagal Avenue was merely the locus of a resounding success that has since grown into twelve thriving locations across the country. Owned by the same innovative minds behind Buffet 101, Yakimix distinguishes itself by presenting a smokeless grill feature, sculpting a diverse and delightful culinary journey for every guest.

Embark on the Yakimix Menu and Rate Adventure

As customers explore the expansive gastronomic landscapes at Yakimix, they are met with a treasure trove of culinary delights, each one a promise of a flavorsome voyage.

Regular Buffet Prices:

  • Monday-Friday (Lunch): ₱668.00
  • Monday-Friday (Dinner): ₱738.00
  • Saturday (Lunch): ₱738.00
  • Saturday (Dinner): ₱788.00
  • Sunday & Holiday (Lunch & Dinner): ₱788.00

Discounted Rates for Children:

  • Children below 4ft: ₱438.00
  • Children below 3ft: Free

Such rates render an unlimited gastronomic treasure hunt accessible, providing families and friends an opportunity to taste an array of delectable dishes under a friendly budget.

Yakimix’s Culinary Cornerstones

Within the Yakimix haven, guests can delve into a broad spectrum of fresh seafood and meats, primed for grilling. For those who fancy a readily available feast, an assortment of cooked dishes await, aiming to satiate every taste bud.

Yakimix Dinner Prices

Their dinner buffet, running from 5:30 PM until 10:30 PM, elevates the culinary exploration with a marginally higher rate compared to the lunch menu. At ₱788.00 for weekends and holidays, Yakimix promises an indulgent culmination to the day with limitless dining delights.

After-Dusk Invitations: Yakimix’s Unlimited Beer

For those who cherish the night and a cold mug of beer, the enticing Yakimix’s Unlimited San Miguel Beer promo is a perfect evening companion. Operating from 9 PM to 11 PM for ₱588.00, it gifts a serene gateway, with the caveat that walk-ins take precedence and it cannot be intertwined with other promotional offers.

Yakimix’s Menu Delivery

For patrons craving the Yakimix magic from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, selected culinary favorites from Yakimix are just a Grab or Food Panda order away. Note that delivery is restricted to specific opportunely located areas, guaranteeing the meals arrive with their original freshness and quality intact.

Join the Culinary Odyssey at Yakimix

Yakimix invites gastronomes to venture into a realm where eastern delicacies converge seamlessly in an immersive dining experience. Whether it is a familial congregation, a fête with friends, or an unbeatable affinity for unlimited grill and dining, Yakimix shines as a paragon of culinary diversity and dynamism.

FAQ Section

Q: Is a reservation necessary?
A: Although Yakimix welcomes walk-in guests, reservations are advised for larger groups or during popular dining hours.

Q: Do they serve vegetarian dishes?
A: Absolutely, Yakimix presents a variety of vegetarian dishes in addition to their vast meat and seafood choices.

Q: Can the unlimited beer offer be combined with other promos?
A: The unlimited beer offer stands independently and is not valid with other ongoing promotions or discounts. It is especially designed for walk-in customers.

Wrapping up

Yakimix remains an unrivaled choice in the buffet scene, delivering comprehensive dining escapades that cater to an extensive range of preferences. From their innovative smokeless grill to their expansive selection of Asian cuisines and euphoric promos, Yakimix consistently promises a fulfilling and memorable gastronomic adventure.


Kindly note that prices and promotions referenced in this article are prone to changes. For the most recent updates and information, please confirm with the local Yakimix restaurant or refer to their official social media platforms.

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