Mendokoro Ramenba Menu in Philippines

Nestled in the heart of the bustling streets, Mendokoro Ramenba has carved out a niche for itself as the go-to spot for authentic Japanese ramen in the Philippines since its establishment in 2014. The brainchild of culinary visionaries Elbert Cuenca and Ryan Cruz, Mendokoro Ramenba brings an innovative dining concept that pays homage to the traditional Japanese ramen bars, where guests enjoy their meal close to the action in the kitchen. Their approach to serving up bowls of steaming, flavorful ramen quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality has set them apart in the local dining scene.

A Peek into Mendokoro Ramenba’s Menu

Mendokoro Ramenba’s menu boasts a range of meticulously crafted ramen choices, along with a selection of side dishes and extras that perfectly complement the main affair. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

Heartwarming Tonkotsu Ramen Selection

From the light and savory Shio to the rich and nutty TanTanMen, Mendokoro’s Tonkotsu Ramen section offers something for every palate.

  • Shio: PHP 430.00
  • Shoyu: PHP 460.00
  • TanTanMen: PHP 490.00
  • Miso: PHP 510.00

Refreshing Hiyashi Ramen for the Summer

A delightful choice for those warmer days, the Hiyashi Ramen options provide a cool, refreshing twist on the traditional hot bowl of ramen.

  • Hiyashi Chuka: PHP 490.00
  • Hiyashi TanTanMen: PHP 490.00

Tsukemen: The Dipping Ramen Experience

For those who love a bit of DIY in their dining, the Tsukemen section offers ramen with a twist, where noodles are dipped into a separate bowl of flavorful broth.

  • Gyokai: PHP 500.00
  • Bonito: PHP 530.00
  • Tokusei: PHP 520.00
  • Karai Tokusei: PHP 560.00

Maze Soba: A Saucy Ramen Alternative

No broth? No problem. The Maze Soba options serve up noodles with a thick sauce that’s packed with flavor.

  • Shio Maze Soba: PHP 370.00
  • Shoyu Maze Soba: PHP 450.00
  • Kara Maze Soba: PHP 430.00

Can’t-Miss Side Dishes and Extras

No meal at Mendokoro is complete without trying their succulent Gyoza or adding some Extra Chashu to your ramen.

  • Gyoza (3 pcs): PHP 140.00
  • Gyoza (5 pcs): PHP 230.00
  • Extra Chashu (3 pcs): PHP 275.00
  • Aji Tamago: PHP 80.00

Mendokoro Ramenba’s Must-Try Dishes

While everything on the menu promises a taste of Japan, certain dishes stand out for their popularity and unique flavors:

  • TanTanMen: A beloved choice for its perfect balance of spiciness and richness.
  • Garlic Shoyu: A Makati-exclusive that tantalizes with its aromatic garlic infusion.
  • Hiyashi TanTanMen: Ideal for those hot Philippine days, offering a cold and refreshing take on the classic.
  • Gyoza: Perfectly pan-fried dumplings that are a must-try side dish.

Celebrating Special Occasions with Mendokoro Ramenba

Mendokoro Ramenba loves to celebrate with its patrons by offering special promos during your birth month and the restaurant’s own anniversary. It’s a small token to show their appreciation and to encourage everyone to partake in the joy of delicious ramen.

Mendokoro’s Ramen, Now at Your Doorstep

Recognizing the demand for their delectable dishes beyond the confines of the restaurant, Mendokoro Ramenba has made select menu items available for delivery. From the classic Shio and Shoyu to the special Super Chashu and the sea-infused Ebi Tonkutsu, the essence of Mendokoro can now be savored at home.

A Final Bowl, Mendokoro Ramenba Menu

Mendokoro Ramenba’s dedication to the art of ramen, combined with its innovative dining concept, has solidified its status as a culinary landmark for ramen aficionados in the Philippines. Whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth, each bowl is a testament to the care, quality, and authenticity that Mendokoro Ramenba stands for. So, grab a seat at their bar and prepare for a ramen experience that delights with every spoonful.

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