LlaoLlao Menu [2024]

In the bustling heart of Makati, Manila, a refreshing oasis thrives within the Ayala Center, gloriously standing on the Ground Floor of Glorietta 2. Llaollao Philippines has become a sanctum for frozen yogurt aficionados, offering a blend of health and indulgence seamlessly spooned into every serving.

Here’s Llao Llao Menu:

CategoryMenu ItemsPrice
Llaollao Tubs Prices
Petitllao₱ 50.00
Small (No Topping)₱ 99.00
Small (1 Topping)₱ 129.00
Medium (3 Toppings)₱ 199.00
Large (3 Toppings)₱ 219.00
Extra Topping₱ 40.00
Llaollao Sanum Prices
Petit₱ 199.00
Regular₱ 219.00
Llaollao Llaoglass Prices
Llaoglass Frozen Yogurt 2 toppings₱ 119.00
Refill₱ 129.00
Extra Topping₱ 40.00
Llaollao Smoothie Prices
Regular₱ 199.00
Premium₱ 229.00
Add Frozen Yogurt on Top₱ 40.00
Llaollao Sensations Prices
Small₱ 89.00
Tall₱ 109.00
Premium₱ 189.00
Llaollao Takeaway Prices
1/2 Liter (Frozen yogurt 3 toppings)₱ 719.00
1/2 Liter (Refill)₱ 420.00
1 Liter (Frozen yogurt 3 toppings)₱ 879.00
1 Liter (Refill)₱ 570.00

A Frosty Menu to Melt Your Heart

Llaollao serves up an impressive array of fro-yo concoctions, meticulously spread across six delicious categories, each promising a unique blend of flavors and textures designed to satisfy. Whether you’re in for a quick bite or a large treat, their menu prices cater to all.

Signature Llaollao Tubs

From the petite charm of a Petitllao to the grand indulgence of a Large tub with your choice of toppings, these tubs are all about personal preference and taste exploration, with prices starting as low as ₱50.

Llaollao Sanum and Beyond

For those looking for a layered delight, the Sanum offers a parfait-like experience, starting at ₱199. Alternatively, the Llaoglass presents a more straightforward yet equally satisfying frozen yogurt treat, complete with two toppings at ₱119.

Smoothie lovers are not left out, with Regular and Premium options available, alongside the unique touch of adding frozen yogurt on top for an additional cost.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Llaollao Sensations

The Sensations range presents a varied palette of flavors for those on-the-go, starting from merely ₱89.

Takeaway Indulgence

For those desiring the taste of Llaollao’s finest in the comforts of home, their takeaway options provide half and one-liter containers, ensuring a lasting flavor experience beyond the store’s ambiance.

Hot Selling Items That Keep Fans Coming Back

Llaollao’s menu is embroidered with fan-favorites, from the Signature Frozen Yogurt to the exotic Mango Tango Delight, the decadent Choco-Nut Heaven, and the health-boosting Acai Berry Bliss Bowl. Each item offers a unique taste journey that keeps patrons returning for more.

Delightful Delivery Services

Dedicated to spreading the joy of frozen yogurt far and wide, Llaollao Philippines offers a swift delivery service, ensuring your favorite treats arrive fresh at your doorstep, ready to be devoured in the comfort of your home.

When to Visit

Llaollao is open from Tuesday to Monday, catering to your frozen yogurt cravings almost anytime, from 10 AM until as late as 10 PM on selected days. It’s a commitment to providing sweet delights across a range of schedules.


Llaollao Philippines stands out as not just a frozen yogurt shop but as a haven of healthful indulgence. With its diverse menu, flexible pricing, and dedication to quality and convenience, Llaollao is a fro-yo fantasy come to life, offering a refreshing respite from the tropical heat with every scoop.


Q: Can you customize your toppings at Llaollao?
A: Yes, you can customize your toppings based on the selected menu items, with additional toppings available for an extra charge.

Q: Does Llaollao offer vegan or dairy-free options?
A: For specific dietary requirements, it’s best to contact Llaollao directly or inquire in-store.

Q: Can I reserve a large order for events?
A: For catering and large orders, it’s recommended to contact Llaollao’s hotline for arrangements and details.


Please note that the menu items and prices mentioned are as of the time of writing and may be subject to change. For the most updated information, it is advisable to check with Llaollao Philippines directly or visit their official social media channels.

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