Silvanna Counter Mobile Legends

Silvanna, with her crowd control (CC) abilities and power to reduce enemy defenses while draining magic, is an adversary you must tread carefully around in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Countering her demands strategic play – the right blend of heroes, the right counter items, and a thoughtful plan to minimize her impact in your games.

Heroes That Counter Silvanna Effectively

Countering Silvanna requires heroes that can remove CC or use Purify to neutralize her skills. Heroes with high win rates against Silvanna include:

  • Wanwan: Her mobility and Basic Attack oriented skills, when combined with her Ultimate, can overwhelm Silvanna.
  • X.Borg: His durability and consistent DPS makes X.Borg a good choice to counter Silvanna.
  • Baxia: Baxia’s skills, coupled with his tankiness and CC, can greatly hinder Silvanna.
  • Franco: His ability to control enemies from a distance, as well as his hook skill, are a problem for Silvanna.
  • Chou: With his CC, mobility, and immunity, Chou is a serious threat to Silvanna.

These heroes can effectively handle Silvanna during most phases of the game.

Ideal Items to Counter Silvanna

The right items can considerably weaken Silvanna’s impact in fights:

  • Purify: This skill provides brief immunity to CC, counteracting Silvanna’s stuns.
  • Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, Dominance Ice: These items can reduce Silvanna’s lifesteal capacity, putting her at a disadvantage.
  • Winter Truncheon: It can help dodge Silvanna’s burst damage.
  • Oracle, Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, and Cursed Helmet: These magic defense items can dampen Silvanna’s offensive capabilities.

Gameplay Strategies Against Silvanna

In addition to the right heroes and items, several tactical considerations can better equip you to deal with Silvanna:

  • Use CC Skills: To strategically cancel her Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling.
  • Reduce Lifesteal: You can minimize Silvanna’s lifesteal capability with certain heroes or items.
  • Deploy Heroes with CC removal: These heroes can escape Silvanna’s Ultimate and Skill 1.
  • Avoid Isolation with Silvanna: Make sure Silvanna is kept separate from her team to reduce her potential impact.

Silvanna’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Silvanna’s key attributes can also better guide your counter-strategy:


  • Effective crowd control.
  • Ability to clear lanes easily.
  • Deals high damage.
  • Peaks in late game performance.


  • Vulnerable to crowd control heroes.
  • Weaker when separate from her team.

Skill Overview:

  • Passive: Knightess’ Resolve – Provides both buffs and debuffs.
  • Skill 1: Cometic Lance – Provides crowd control and mobility.
  • Skill 2: Spiral Strangling – Delivers AOE damage and provides a shield.
  • Ultimate: Imperial Justice – Offers crowd control and AOE damage.

Adept implementation of these strategies will greatly enhance your counter-plays against Silvanna, leading you to more victories in your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games.

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