Luo Yi Counter Mobile Legends

Effective counter strategies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are key to overcoming the platforms’ most formidable heroes. Among them, Luo Yi poses a particular challenge due to her capability to thwart groups of enemies with ease, thanks to her teleportation abilities for both escape and offensive initiatives. Here is a comprehensive guide to effectively counter Luo Yi, including hero selections, ideal item builds and tactical gameplay tips.

Heroes That Counter Luo Yi Effectively

Countering Luo Yi often relies on sidestepping her main abilities via control immunity skills, blinks, and dashes. Considering her potency in group fights, it’s best to avoid clustering with your teammates when battling Luo Yi. Here are some heroes that excel against Luo Yi in most game phases:

  • Natalia: Her stealth gives her a great advantage against Luo Yi’s abilities.
  • Hayabusa: His mobility and burst abilities can deal with Luo Yi quickly.
  • Gusion: His burst damage and mobility are excellent tools against Luo Yi.
  • Franco: He can suppress Luo Yi’s abilities effectively.
  • Chou: His agility and control immunity make Luo Yi’s skills less effective.

These heroes offer the necessary agility, damage output, and crowd control (CC) immunity to effectively neutralize Luo Yi at various game stages.

Ideal Items to Counter Luo Yi

Luo Yi’s magic burst damage requires specific counter items to diminish her effectiveness significantly:

  • Athena’s Shield, Rose Gold Meteor, Oracle, Radiant Armor, and Cursed Helmet: These items increase magic resistance, thereby reducing Luo Yi’s magic damage output.
  • Purify: An excellent tool to dispel crowd control effects inflicted by Luo Yi.
  • Winter Truncheon: This item freezes your hero, helping you avoid Luo Yi’s abilities damage.

Gameplay Strategies Against Luo Yi

In addition to choosing the right heroes and items, adapting your gameplay when up against Luo Yi is equally crucial. Here are some relevant strategies:

  • Steal Blue Buff Early: Since Luo Yi heavily relies on mana early in the game, deprive her of blue buff to cripple her.
  • Use Mobile Heroes: Heroes with superior mobility can easily outmaneuver Luo Yi, denying her the chance to attack effectively or escape.
  • Prioritize Magic Defense: Building magic defense items early can diminish Luo Yi’s effectiveness in the game.
  • Poke from Distance: Marksmen can effectively poke and whittle down Luo Yi from afar.
  • Deploy CC Abilities: Using heroes with crowd control abilities can render Luo Yi unable to utilize her skills optimally.
  • Avoid Clustering: Stay spread out in battles to prevent concurrent stun from Luo Yi’s abilities.
  • Ambush Single Luo Yi: If Luo Yi ventures alone, seize the opportunity and ambush her.
  • Frequent Ganks: Luo Yi takes time to ramp up her power, so frequent ganks can keep her suppressed.

Luo Yi’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Luo Yi’s key strengths and vulnerabilities can significantly improve your counter-strategy:


  • Effective crowd control.
  • Useful teleportation capabilities.
  • Good initiation potential.
  • Can create shields and increase movement speed.
  • Strong in team fights.


  • Difficult to master.
  • Lacks escape mechanisms.
  • Easily counterable.
  • Long cooldown times.
  • High mana consumption.

Skill Overview:

  • Passive: Duality – Provides crowd control and burst damage.
  • Skill 1: Dispersion – Deals Area of Effect (AOE) damage.
  • Skill 2: Rotation – Delivers AOE damage and slowness to enemies.
  • Ultimate: Diversion – Allows teleportation across the battlefield.

Incorporating these strategies, hero choices, and items into your gameplay will significantly enhance your ability to counter Luo Yi effectively, bettering your prospects in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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