Hayabusa Counter Mobile Legends

Hayabusa, the shadowy assassin, strikes fear into the hearts of many in the Land of Dawn. This agile and deadly hero from Mobile Legends can often seem invincible as he darts around, delivering lethal blows and vanishing before his enemies’ eyes. However, no hero is without weakness, and with the right strategy and knowledge, even a slippery foe like Hayabusa can be countered effectively.

Know Your Enemy: Hayabusa’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High Burst Damage: Hayabusa can unleash devastating combos in mere seconds.
  • Extreme Mobility: His skillset allows him to quickly move around the battlefield.
  • Wave Clearing: He can rapidly dispatch minions and jungle monsters.
  • Spell Vamp: Hayabusa can sustain himself in the lane with the right build.
  • Backline Access: He can easily reach and eliminate squishy targets.


  • Long Ability Cooldowns: After using his skills, Hayabusa is vulnerable.
  • Susceptible to Crowd Control (CC): Stuns and suppressions can quickly take him down.
  • Low Attack Speed: Relies on his skills rather than basic attacks.
  • Skill Dependent: Without his abilities, his effectiveness is significantly reduced.
  • Low Health Pool (HP): Hayabusa can be fragile and easy to defeat with coordinated attacks.

Heroes That Counter Hayabusa

Some heroes have the toolkit to disrupt Hayabusa’s flow in the game. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Saber: His ultimate can lock down Hayabusa for crucial seconds.
  • Minsitthar: His ultimate denies Hayabusa the ability to dash, which stifles his mobility.
  • Natalia: Her stealth and silence can catch Hayabusa off-guard.
  • Kaja: With his suppression skill, he can neutralize Hayabusa before he can escape.
  • Zilong: His spear flip and speed can both chase down and disrupt Hayabusa.

Hayabusa struggles against these champions due to their ability to either chase him down, lock him in place, or outmaneuver him.

Items That Counter Hayabusa

Equipping the right defensive items can mitigate the lethal burst that Hayabusa offers.

  • Twilight Armor: Limits the damage from any single hit.
  • Antique Cuirass: Reduces Hayabusa’s physical attack.
  • Blade Armor: Returns damage to Hayabusa when he attacks you.
  • Queen’s Wings: Reduces damage taken when health is low, providing a critical window for survival.
  • Immortality: Gives you a second chance in case his burst initially takes you down.
  • Wind of Nature: Grants temporary immunity to physical attacks, perfect for surviving his ultimate.
  • Dominance Ice: Slows Hayabusa’s attack speed and offers physical defense.
  • Winter Truncheon: Allows you to become invulnerable for a short time, negating his ultimate attack.

Pro Tips to Counter Hayabusa

Implement these tactical tips to outmaneuver and overcome Hayabusa:

  • Stay Near Allies: Hayabusa’s ultimate damage is reduced if there are other potential targets nearby.
  • Disrupt His Early Game: Contest his jungle, steal buffs, and delay his power spikes.
  • Force Team Fights: Hayabusa excels in 1v1, but he’s less effective in full-on clashes.
  • Control Vision: Prevent his forest ambushes by maintaining good map awareness.
  • Utilize Suppression: Strong against Hayabusa’s skill-dependent gameplay.

Skills in Depth:

  • Passive – Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow: Hayabusa gets a damage buff when he attacks a target marked with his shadow.
  • Skill 1 – Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken: Throws out shurikens that damage and apply spell vamp.
  • Skill 2 – Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow: Summons shadows to dash to, providing mobility and crowd control options.
  • Ultimate – Ougi: Shadow Kill: Targets a single enemy with a burst of attacks, ideally isolated for max damage.

Playing against Hayabusa is a test of patience and vigilance. Whether you’re picking heroes with crowd control abilities, itemizing to survive his burst damage, or perfecting strategies like vision control and team fight coordination, remember that knowledge is as vital as quick reflexes. Counter Hayabusa effectively and turn the tide of battle in your favor in Mobile Legends.

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