Popol and Kupa Counter Mobile Legends

The convergence of Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends brings forth a rare combination of a human and beast operating as a singular hero. This unique duo can create havoc on the battlefield with their synergy, crowd control (CC), and zone control. Nevertheless, understanding their vulnerabilities can equip you with the knowledge to effectively counter this pair. This article covers counter-heroes, items, strategic tips, and more to neutralize the threat posed by Popol & Kupa.

Heroes Counter Popol & Kupa

The strength of a hero lies in their ability to counter other heroes. Knowing which heroes can effectively stand against Popol & Kupa can tip the battle in your favor.

Popol & Kupa is Weak Against:

  • Cecilion: His long-range abilities and high magic burst damage can decimate Popol & Kupa.
  • Ling: His superior mobility and burst potential allow him an easy pick off of Popol.
  • Gusion: His burst damage can eliminate Popol before Kupa can offer much aid.
  • Helcurt: His ultimate blinds Popol and his burst damage can quickly remove Popol from the fight.
  • Pharsa: Her long-range artillery provides her an advantage, enabling her to destroy Popol while maintaining a safe distance.

Popol & Kupa is Strong Against:

  • Kimmy
  • Wanwan
  • Silvanna
  • Esmeralda
  • Zhask

Popol & Kupa can exploit gaps in these heroes’ defenses, overwhelming them with superior crowd control and damage.

Items Counter Popol & Kupa

Choosing the right items to counter Popol & Kupa can significantly increase your chances of survival and offense during confrontations:

  • Wind of Nature: Provides immunity against physical attacks for a brief period.
  • Blade Armor: Returns 25% of physical damage back to the attacker, which can be detrimental to Kupa especially.
  • Antique Cuirass: Decreases the attack power of Popol & Kupa, thus mitigating some of the damage received.
  • Warrior Boots/Tough Boots: Offers more resistance against physical/magical damage, respectively, enhancing your hero’s durability against Popol & Kupa’s attacks.

Tips Counter Popol & Kupa

Implementing a strategic approach is essential to outperform Popol & Kupa in the battlefield:

  • Crowd Control (CC): Using heroes with CC can be effective. A well-timed stun can lead to Popol’s destruction, making the battle easier.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • Control over lanes and jungles, making them a suitable pick for a number of roles.
  • High burst damage, which can be lethal if not properly addressed.


  • High skill requirement, entailing that ill-timed abilities may significantly diminish their impact.
  • Popol’s small base HP and dependency on Kupa, making him vulnerable, especially when Kupa is out of action.

Skill analysis

  • We Are Friends (Passive): Buffs Kupa with increased defense and stats.
  • Bite ’em, Kupa! (Skill 1): Deals damage and provides CC effects.
  • Kupa, Help! (Skill 2): Provides CC and AoE effects.
  • Popol’s Surprise (Skill 3): Summons traps for CC.
  • We Are Angry! (Ultimate): Buffs the duo, significantly increasing their combat ability.


Despite the duo’s impressive synergy and crowd control, understanding Popol & Kupa’s strengths and weaknesses, the right choice of heroes and items, and proper strategic implementation can turn the tide of battles against them. It’s important to note that while Popol and Kupa may be formidable in tandem, Popol significantly drops in effectiveness when Kupa is out of the action.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of counter-strategies in Mobile Legends tends to vary depending on game updates and meta changes. Adapt and strategize according to the current state of the game for the most favorable outcomes.

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