Esmeralda Counter Mobile Legends 

Esmeralda takes a unique place amongst the heroes with her ability to simultaneously deal damage and sustain herself through the toughest of battles. Known for her shields that convert into health, this hero can be a daunting force on the battlefield. However, like all celestial entities, she too has weaknesses that can be exploited with the right heroes, items, and strategies. Here’s an essential guide to countering Esmeralda, from selecting the correct counter-heroes and items to practical gameplay tips.

Heroes Counter Esmeralda

To diminish Esmeralda’s impact in the game, it is crucial to pick heroes that can pierce through her defenses and disrupt her sustainability.

Esmeralda is Weak Against:

  • Karrie: Karrie can break through Esmeralda’s shields with her true damage.
  • Hayabusa: His mobility and burst damage can overwhelm Esmeralda before she can regenerate.
  • Lunox: Lunox’s chaos darkening can cut through Esmeralda’s defenses with ease.
  • Kaja: His ability to suppress Esmeralda with his ultimate can prevent her from utilizing her shield conversion effectively.
  • Lolita: She can negate Esmeralda’s ranged attacks and provide critical shielding to her teammates.

Esmeralda is Strong Against:

  • Diggie
  • Leomord
  • Johnson
  • Lesley
  • Aldous

Esmeralda excels against these heroes, capable of outlasting their damage output while continuously sustaining herself.

Items Counter Esmeralda

Equipping the right items can severely limit Esmeralda’s effectiveness in clashes and skirmishes:

  • Necklace of Durance: Reduces the effectiveness of Esmeralda’s healing and shield conversion.
  • Sea Halberd: When used by physical attackers, this item similarly cuts down her regeneration capabilities.
  • Demon Hunter: Offers sustained damage that scales with Esmeralda’s health, making it harder for her to maintain her presence in prolonged fights.

Tips Counter Esmeralda

Adapting your playstyle can turn the tide of battle against Esmeralda:

  • Purify: This spell can be crucial to remove the immobilizing effect from Esmeralda’s ultimate, enabling an escape or counter-attack.
  • Crowd Control (CC): Heroes with strong CC can interrupt Esmeralda’s ultimate if timed correctly, significantly reducing her impact in fights.
  • Engagement: Focus on coordinated attacks against Esmeralda with your team, ensuring she can’t regenerate from multiple sources.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • High damage output
  • Strong self-sustainability
  • Solo capabilities against game objectives like buffs, turtles, and lords


  • Lack of crowd control abilities
  • Vulnerability to burst damage and anti-regeneration effects

Skill Insights:

  • Starmoon Casket (Passive): Buffs shield potential and conversion into health.
  • Frostmoon Shield (Skill 1): Generates a shield; buffs user.
  • Stardust Dance (Skill 2): AOE damage; buffs user.
  • Falling Starmoon (Ultimate): High burst capability; offers mobility.


While Esmeralda boasts formidable sustain and damage, understanding her mechanics reveals clear strategies for countering this celestial mage. By selecting appropriate heroes, equipping the right items, and employing strategic gameplay adjustments, teams can effectively mitigate her influence on the game.

Disclaimer: Mobile Legends is a dynamic game with frequent updates that can shift the effectiveness of various heroes and strategies. The information provided herein is accurate as of the last update and may change as new patches are introduced. Always adapt to the current game meta and consider personal and team strategies for the best experience.

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