Mathilda Counter Mobile Legends

Mathilda, the Swift Plume, is a support mage known for her unique ability to warp space and provide exceptional mobility to her team. Her skills are focused on dealing damage and protecting her allies on the high-speed battlefield. Even though she’s popular among players due to her unique abilities, understanding her weakness can ensure that even Mathilda can be countered effectively. In the following guide, we’ll delve into the heroes she is weak against, the items that can counter her, useful strategies, and more.

Heroes Counter Mathilda

Recognizing which heroes are efficient against Mathilda can give you leverage in the battlefield.

Mathilda is Weak Against:

  • Luoyi: Her disruption capabilities and continuous damage can overwhelm Mathilda.
  • Carmilla: Her life steal and ability to reduce defensive stats render Mathilda vulnerable.
  • Wanwan: Her agility and true damage provide her with the advantage over Mathilda.
  • Vale: His crowd control (CC) abilities and high burst damage can neutralize Mathilda.
  • Badang: His physical damage output and control skills make it difficult for Mathilda to sustain.

Mathilda is Strong Against:

  • Barats
  • Brody
  • Atlas
  • Ling
  • Esmeralda

She can utilize her abilities to outmaneuver these heroes and help her team secure a win.

Items Counter Mathilda

Particular items turn out to be extraordinarily effective when facing Mathilda:

  • Sea Halberd: This reduces her regeneration capabilities, primarily during the laning phase.
  • Necklace of Durance: When used by magic damage dealers, it reduces her healing effect considerably.
  • Dominance Ice: This item reduces her attack speed and has the potential to slow her down, which can prove pivotal.

Tips Counter Mathilda

Employing certain strategies can give you a competitive edge against Mathilda:

  • Avoid the Ultimate Mark: Use heroes with skills that remove CC/control effects, use the spell ‘Purify’ or buy ‘Winter Truncheon’.
  • Interrupt During Showdown: Mathilda’s ultimate ‘Circling Eagle’ isn’t immune to suppression. Use heroes with suppression abilities to interrupt her.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • High mobility and early game damage.
  • Shield buffs for allies.
  • Ability to help allies reposition.


  • Slow at clearing minion waves.
  • Limited to knockback from her ultimate for crowd control.
  • Lower damage output when there are more enemy targets nearby.

Skills Insight

  • Ancestral Guidance (Passive): Provides move speed and damage output.
  • Soul Bloom (Skill 1): Deals burst damage to the enemy based on their max HP.
  • Guiding Wind (Skill 2): Protects and helps allies to reposition.
  • Circling Eagle (Ultimate): Grants shields to self and allies, followed by engaging onto the marked enemy.


While Mathilda poses a significant threat with her high mobility, early game damage, and protection capabilities for her team, a thorough understanding of her strengths, weaknesses, counters, and strategies leaves her susceptible to control. The game indeed gets more interesting when you’re fully prepared to handle the challenges posed by formidable foes like Mathilda.

Disclaimer: Mobile Legends is a dynamic game where updates and patches can significantly alter a hero’s dominance in the meta. This guide is accurate as of the latest update and players are encouraged to adapt to the current meta for the best gameplay experience.

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