Grock Counter Mobile Legends

Grock is a durable tank seen in Mobile Legends, boasting formidable advantages near walls or turrets. Skirting around these areas, Grock gains increased movement speed, physical defense, and HP regeneration. He can unload a series of crowd control skills, dealing substantial damage while becoming an irritant in confrontations.

Grock’s Weaknesses and Counters

However, Grock has his shares of drawbacks. He’s vulnerable to opponents who maneuver flexibly, unleash continuous damage, and strategize with physical armor-piercing items. These heroes typically demonstrate high win rates against Grock, making them effective counters:

  • Hylos
  • X.Borg
  • Harley
  • Karrie
  • Dyrroth

Grock’s Strengths

On the other hand, Grock performs well against these heroes, who manifest lower win rates against him:

  • Fanny
  • Layla
  • Franco
  • Natalia
  • Cyclops

Items That Counter Grock

Some items effectively neutralize Grock’s impact in the game:

  • Physical armor piercing items: Malefic Roar
  • Items that reduce Grock’s healing ability: Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, Dominance Ice
  • Items that slow running speed: Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, Thunder Belt
  • Items dealing damage based on the enemy’s % of health: Demon Hunter Sword, Glowing Wand

Strategic Tips Against Grock

To successfully counter Grock, consider these strategies:

  • Use heroes and items that can manage to break Grock’s armor.
  • Avoid engaging near walls or turrets where Grock strengthens.
  • Be vigilant against Grock’s “Guardian’s Barrier” skill to prevent unsuspected ganks.
  • Avoid confined areas with few escape routes.
  • Keep Grock at bay: if he draws closer, use a flash maneuver.

Grock’s Abilities and Skills

Grock’s abilities include:

  • Passive: Earthen Force – Buff
  • 1st Skill: Power of Nature – AOE, Slow
  • 2nd Skill: Guardian’s Barrier – CC, AOE
  • Ultimate Skill: Wild Charge – Mobility, AOE

Grock’s Strengths:

  • Heightened movement speed and HP restoration.
  • Inflicts broad damage.
  • Numerous crowd control skills.
  • Elevated tank ability.
  • High damage output.

Grock’s Weaknesses:

  • Heavy reliance on teammates.
  • Harder gameplay.


Understanding both the powers and pitfalls of characters like Grock in Mobile Legends offers a strategic edge. With this dissection of Grock’s strengths, weaknesses, and counters, you’ll have a more rewarding gaming experience.


Remember that it is the player’s skill and understanding of the game dynamics and strategies that substantially contributes to success in Mobile Legends. The hero’s inherent strengths and weaknesses can make a difference, but ultimately, it depends on how effectively you can utilize the hero and make decisions throughout the game.

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