Martis Counter Mobile Legends

Martis ranks amongst the prominent fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, revered for his extraordinary damage output and quick combat rhythm. With his skills Mortal Coil and Decimation, he can efficiently charge into fights and finish off targets.

Martis’s Weaknesses and Counters

Martis has his fair share of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited through crowd control, burst damage, and items that decrease attack speed, enhance armor and obstruct physical damage. The following heroes have been observed to do well against Martis:

  • Freya
  • Argus
  • Lancelot
  • Kagura
  • Akai

Martis’s Strengths

As with all heroes, Martis has his edges as well. The following heroes tend to struggle when facing him:

  • Zhask
  • Pharsa
  • Natalia
  • Miya
  • Helcurt

Items That Counter Martis

Certain items can effectively hinder Martis’s abilities and prowess on the battlefield:

  • Wind of Nature is ideal for Assassins or Marksmen going against Martis. It grants immunity to all physical damage inflicted by him.
  • For Tanks and Fighters, Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass can curtail the damage Martis deals.
  • Using Winter Truncheon can help evade Martis’s skills.
  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand can reduce Martis’s movement speed.
  • Dominance Ice slows down Martis’s attack speed.
  • Immortality ensures resurrection post-death.
  • Other physical defense items, such as Brute Force Breastplate, Thunder Belt, and Blade Armor, can also fortify against Martis.

Strategic Tips Against Martis

To effectively counter Martis, consider these strategies:

  • Martis starts weak and needs items to strengthen. You should capitalize on this by calling for a gank and attacking early on.
  • Keep a safe distance from Martis to avoid getting pulled back by his Ashura Aura.
  • Making sure to push or apply crowd control (CC) when he launches into Mortal Coil.
  • When Martis triggers his ultimate, clear out due to his potential to restore it upon executing a kill.
  • Martis can be subdued by applying crowd control and following up with damage.
  • Since Martis excels in 1v1 fights, avoid going solo against him.
  • Prioritize the use of mobile heroes, long-range poke, and heroes with good control.

Martis’s Abilities and Skills

His abilities include:

  • Passive: Ashura’s Wrath – Buff
  • 1st Skill: Ashura Aura – Crowd Control, AOE
  • 2nd Skill: Mortal Coil – Mobility, AOE
  • Ultimate Skill: Decimation – Burst, Buff

Martis’s Strengths:

  • High burst damage
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Rapid attack speed
  • Can boost movement speed

Martis’s Weaknesses:

  • Low durability
  • Vulnerability to crowd control
  • Reliance on skills


Understanding Martis’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and effective counters can significantly enhance your gameplay strategy. Equipped with this deep knowledge about Martis, you’re ready for a more strategic and rewarding gaming adventure in Mobile Legends.


Even though this guide provides comprehensive insights about Martis, your skill and strategic understanding of the game contribute vastly to your overall performance in matches. The inherent attributes of the chosen hero can affect the outcome, but mainly it rests on your ability to make effective use of the hero and decisions throughout the game.

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