Ixia Counter Mobile Legends

Ixia, renowned for her team fight mastery, is a marksman who can not only displace enemies but also unleash substantial AoE damage through her skills. Despite her prowess, certain strategies and hero selections can effectively diminish her influence in the game. This guide is designed to offer you insights on countering Ixia, focusing on hero matchups, itemization, and tactical gameplay insights.

Heroes That Counter Ixia

Certain heroes excel against Ixia, especially those with the capability to dive into the backline, deliver burst damage, or apply crowd control (CC). These heroes are notably effective during various game phases:

  • Moskov – His ability to stun Ixia against walls and penetrate enemy lines makes him a formidable foe for her.
  • Karrie – With her true damage and mobility, Karrie can bypass frontlines and directly challenge Ixia.
  • Wanwan – Her agility and ability to dodge skills allow her to close in on Ixia easily.
  • Hanabi – Hanabi’s immunity to CC with her shield can aid in getting close enough to Ixia, negating her disengage capabilities.
  • Claude – His high mobility and burst potential with his ultimate can quickly take Ixia down.

Heroes Vulnerable to Ixia

Conversely, Ixia shows strengths against heroes who may struggle to close distances or evade her AoE damage:

  • Miya
  • Layla
  • Brody
  • Granger
  • Irithel

Counter Items vs. Ixia

When facing Ixia, adjusting your item build to incorporate physical defense items can significantly reduce the damage you take:

  • Wind of Nature allows for a crucial window of invulnerability to physical damage, granting an opening to counter-attack.
  • Dominance Ice slows down Ixia’s attack speed, hindering her damage output.
  • Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass are essential for reducing physical damage from Ixia’s attacks.
  • Winter Truncheon can be pivotal for surviving Ixia’s ultimate or burst, offering a moment to retaliate or escape.
  • For slowing Ixia:
    • Corrosion Scythe
    • Ice Queen Wand
  • Immortality provides a second chance in combat, making it harder for Ixia to secure a kill on you.
  • Additional physical defense items:
    • Thunder Belt
    • Brute Force Breastplate
    • Blade Armor

Gameplay Tips to Counter Ixia

Understanding how to maneuver against Ixia in-game can turn potential defeats into victories:

  • Prioritize mobility to evade Ixia’s AoE damage and close distances quickly, rendering her disengage tools less effective.
  • Exploit Ixia’s early game vulnerability by pressuring her farming and limiting her scaling opportunities.
  • Utilize CC effectively to lock Ixia down before she can deploy her full damage potential in fights.
  • Be mindful of her Star Helix skill; engage her when it’s on cooldown to minimize her disengage capabilities.
  • When Ixia activates her ultimate, Full Barrage, either quickly exit its impact zone or use the moment to close in and engage her, depending on your hero’s capabilities and current health.


Countering Ixia involves a blend of strategic hero choice, adaptive itemization, and tactical in-game play. By selecting heroes with the mobility to bypass her AoE and disengage skills, alongside items that buff your physical defenses, you can significantly lessen her impact. Remember, the key to overcoming Ixia lies in exploiting her early-game weaknesses, smart engagements, and maintaining pressure to prevent her from freely dealing damage in skirmishes and team fights. With this guide, you’ll be equipped to effectively neutralize Ixia’s threats and lead your team to victory.

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