Johnson Counter Mobile Legends

For those who dare to cross paths with Johnson, the fearsome tank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, his transformation into a rampaging car strikes fear into their hearts. Johnson, known for his high armor, effective crowd control (CC) skills, and late-game prowess, is a force to be reckoned with. However, every hero has a kryptonite, and in this guide, we unearth ways to counter Johnson effectively.

Assessing Johnson’s Vulnerabilities

Choosing the right heroes and items to counter Johnson’s abilities is the first step in a winning strategy.

Heroes Strong Against Johnson

  • Esmeralda: Her ability to convert shields to HP while having CC immunity skills allows her to survive Johnson’s onslaught.
  • Zhask: With his summoned spawn, Zhask can manipulate Johnson’s attention and sneak in crucial hits.
  • Jawhead: Jawhead’s throw can single out Johnson from his team, creating opportunities for focused attacks.
  • Diggie: Diggie’s ultimate protects his team from any CC effects, neutralizing Johnson’s CC skills.
  • Grock: Grock’s barrier can prevent Johnson’s rampage, mitigating damage to allies.

Items to Counter Johnson

Equipping the right items can considerably weaken Johnson, penetrating his armor, reducing his shield, and slowing him down.

  • Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, Dominance Ice: These items reduce Johnson’s shielding capabilities, making him more susceptible to attacks.
  • Malefic Roar, Blade of the Heptaseas, Hunter Strike: These items ignore Johnson’s physical defense, making attacks more effective.
  • Endless Battle, Starlium Scythe: True damage can pierce through Johnson’s defenses, making these items highly recommended.
  • Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, Thunder Belt: These tools can slow down Johnson, hindering his surprise attacks.

Battle Strategies Against Johnson

Understanding Johnson’s movement patterns and utilizing certain strategies can greatly increase your chances of victory:

  • Avoid Direct Confrontation: Tanks should prevent Johnson from directly lunging into their team.
  • Focus on Magic Damage: Johnson is susceptible to magic attacks, so capitalize on this weakness with magic-oriented heroes.
  • Stay Alert: If you don’t spot Johnson on the map, seek refuge in the bushes and alert your teammates.
  • Take Advantage of His Early Weakness: Johnson’s power spikes post Level 4, so try to take him out early to hinder his development.

Additional Tips

  • Dodge Johnson’s ultimate with mobile heroes, flicker, CC immunity skills, and summons.
  • Items like the Demon Hunter Sword and Glowing Wand, which deal damage based on a percentage of health, can be effective against Johnson’s substantial HP.


Like a mighty juggernaut, Johnson can be intimidating with his transformation capabilities, high physical armor, and crowd control skills. However, by adopting the right counter-strategies – choosing specific heroes, equipping relevant items, and implementing tactical maneuvers – you can overcome Johnson’s might. A critical point to remember however, the effectiveness of these strategies will vary based on individual player skill. Whilst Johnson may be a force in the world of Mobile Legends, no hero is invincible. With well-devised strategies and skilled gameplay, victory can indeed be achieved.

Disclaimer: The efficacy of these strategies may vary based on the player’s skill and gameplay style. A specific strategy that works exceptionally for one player might not necessarily be as effective for another player.

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