Chou Counter Mobile Legends

Chou stands out as a formidable fighter known for his excellent crowd control abilities and potent combo attacks. Given his prowess to knock up, slow down, knock back, and even launch adversaries into the air, facing Chou in a match can be daunting. However, understanding his weaknesses and knowing how to counter him effectively can turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Identifying Chou’s Weaknesses

To counter Chou effectively, recognizing the heroes that inherently counter his playstyle is crucial. These heroes often have abilities that can neutralize Chou’s rushing and burst damage capabilities, thereby rendering his combo attacks less effective.

Heroes Strong Against Chou

  • Silvanna: Her crowd control abilities can immobilize Chou, making it difficult for him to execute his combos.
  • Freya: Known for her burst damage and durability in fights, Freya can withstand Chou’s attacks and counter with greater force.
  • Kaja: Kaja’s ultimate can pull Chou away from his target, disrupting his combo flow.
  • Minsitthar: With his ability to restrict enemy mobility, Minsitthar can trap Chou, making his escape tactics futile.
  • Franco: Franco’s hook and ultimate are excellent for isolating Chou and preventing him from causing chaos in team fights.

Items to Counter Chou

Equipping the right items is as crucial as selecting the right heroes. Items that provide physical defense, crowd control resistance, and health restoration can greatly mitigate Chou’s impact.

  • Antique Cuirass: Reduces the physical attack of Chou when he hits you.
  • Immortality: Offers a second chance in skirmishes, rendering Chou’s burst less threatening.
  • Queen’s Wings: Reduces damage taken and improves survivability during critical moments.
  • Wind of Nature: Temporarily negates physical damage, perfect for nullifying Chou’s ultimate.
  • Winter Truncheon: Allows you to avoid crucial skills of Chou with its freeze effect.

Battle Strategies Against Chou

Understanding strategic movements and positioning can significantly improve your chances against Chou:

  • Engage in Bushes: Chou’s ultimate is less effective when he cannot clearly target his opponents, utilize bushes for surprise attacks.
  • Maintain Health: Retreat to heal when low on health to avoid giving Chou an easy target.
  • Control Vision: Keep vision on the flanks to prevent being caught off-guard by Chou’s engaging attempts.
  • Use Purify: Spells like Purify can instantly remove Chou’s crowd control effects, providing an escape window.

Additional Tips

  • Utilize heroes like Minsitthar and Silvanna effectively to block and counter Chou’s skills.
  • Heroes with suppress skills, such as Kaja and Franco, can directly counter Chou’s movements.
  • Staying vigilant and ending the match swiftly before Chou reaches his late-game potential can secure your victory.


Chou might be a powerhouse in Mobile Legends with his high burst damage and formidable crowd control abilities, yet like every hero, he has his Achilles’ heel. By leveraging specific hero counters, equipping the right items, and adopting strategic battle tactics, you can neutralize Chou’s threat and lead your team to victory. Remember, the key to success lies in preparation, adaptation, and the execution of your strategy on the battlefield.

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