Cyclops Counter Mobile Legends

Cyclops is known for his ability to strike from afar, causing havoc in lanes with his high burst damage and quick movements. Specializing in picking off mages and marksmen from a comfortable distance, Cyclops can decimate targets lacking robust defenses. However, no hero in the Land of Dawn is without their countermeasures. This article will guide you through the celestial battlefield and provide you with tactics to counter Cyclops effectively.

Harnessing Strength Against Cyclops

The right hero pick is crucial in overpowering Cyclops in any phase of the game. Here are some heroes that have historically maintained a high win rate against the Star Soul Magician.

Heroes Who Eclipse Cyclops

  • Zilong: With his superior speed and ability to charge at mages, Zilong can close the distance and eliminate Cyclops quickly.
  • Alucard: This fighter excels at sustained damage and lifesteal, overpowering Cyclops before he can escape.
  • Lancelot: Precision and burst agility allow Lancelot to weave through Cyclops’ attacks and deal decisive blows.
  • Natalia: Stealth and silence are Natalie’s tools to ambush and neutralize Cyclops before he can cast his spells.
  • Harley: Using his magic tricks to outmaneuver Cyclops, Harley can execute burst damage and nullify Cyclops’ advantage swiftly.

Items to Shutdown Cyclops

There are items designed to mitigate magic damage and hinder Cyclops’ effectiveness in the match. Here’s what to consider when you find yourself against him:

  • Oracle, Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, Cursed Helmet: These items bolster your magical defenses.
  • Winter Truncheon, Immortality, Queen’s Wings: A savior against burst damage, giving you a second chance to fight back or disengage.
  • Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand: Slowing down Cyclops makes him an easier target.
  • Purify: The ultimate defense against Cyclops’ Star Power Lockdown, freeing you from his immobilizing ultimate.

Tactics to Outsmart Cyclops

Knowing how to move and respond to Cyclops’ abilities will greatly increase your team’s chances of outlasting him during encounters.

Counter Strategy

  • Leverage Crowd Control and Burst Heroes: Cyclops is vulnerable to CC and lacks escape mechanics.
  • Deny the Blue Buff: Cyclops relies heavily on mana, particularly in the early game.
  • Pressure Early: Cyclops becomes more dangerous over time; suppress his growth with early aggression.
  • Keep Your Distance: Respect Cyclops’ poking ability and evade his skills, especially if his ultimate is ready.
  • Coordinate Ganks: Working with your team to ambush Cyclops can prevent him from becoming a late-game menace.


Cyclops may have the power of the stars at his fingertips, but with the right heroes, items, and strategy, his celestial onslaught can be countered. Remember, a good counter-strategy requires not just the appropriate equipment and heroes but also a responsive and adaptable playstyle. Be vigilant, strike decisively, and the victory shall be as inevitable as the turning of the stars above.

Disclaimer: While these strategies are designed to provide an advantage against Cyclops in Mobile Legends, the outcome of each game depends on multiple factors like the skill of the players, teamwork, and in-game decisions. Adaptability and experience remain key aspects of success.

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