Guide to Counter Nolan in Mobile Legends

Nolan is a formidable hero in Mobile Legends due to his high damage output, impressive mobility, and the ability to cleanse negative status effects with his ultimate skill, Fracture. Yet, like any hero, he has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the best heroes, items, and strategies to counter Nolan effectively.

Heroes That Counter Nolan

Choosing heroes that can control, burst down, or withstand his onslaught is crucial. Here’s a list of heroes that perform well against Nolan:

  • Phoveus – His skill-set is excellent for dealing with highly mobile heroes like Nolan.
  • Khufra – Can lock Nolan down and prevent him from dashing around.
  • Paquito – Has the burst potential to take Nolan down before he can escape.
  • Franco – His suppress skill can catch Nolan off-guard, as suppression can’t be removed by Nolan’s ultimate.
  • Kaja – Can easily pull Nolan out of position and neutralize him with his ult, which is also a form of suppression.

Heroes At a Disadvantage Against Nolan

Nolan excels against heroes that typically lack the means to control him or escape from him:

  • Novaria
  • Yin
  • Badang
  • Hanabi
  • Silvanna

Items to Counter Nolan

Making the right choices in equipment can drastically reduce Nolan’s effectiveness in fights. Here are some defensive items you should consider:

  • Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass – Ideal for mitigating his heavy hits, especially effective on tank heroes.
  • Wind of Nature – A lifesaver for Assassins and Marksmen, granting temporary immunity to Nolan’s physical damage.
  • Winter Truncheon – Allows you to avoid critical skills from Nolan by freezing yourself temporarily.
  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand – These items can slow Nolan, potentially disrupting his positioning and chase potential.
  • Immortality – Adds to your physical defenses and gives you a second lease on life in fights.
  • Other formidable defensive options include:
    • Thunder Belt
    • Brute Force Breastplate
    • Blade Armor
    • Dominance Ice

Strategies to Counter Nolan

Tactical gameplay can often trump raw power in matches. Here’s how to stay one step ahead of Nolan:

  • Anticipate Nolan using his ultimate, Fracture, and withhold CC abilities until after it’s been activated since he can cleanse negative effects.
  • Utilize heroes like Franco and Kaja whose suppress abilities cannot be cleansed by Nolan’s ultimate.
  • Maintain map control and vision to prevent Nolan from catching your team off-guard through flanks or ganks.
  • Recognize Nolan’s fragility; if you can land a burst of damage, you may eliminate him before he has a chance to react.
  • Stick together; Nolan excels at picking off isolated targets but is less effective in team-fight scenarios.


To effectively counter Nolan, a combination of strategic hero picking, smart itemization, and tactical gameplay is essential. While his capability to dispel CC and execute quick maneuvers makes him a persistent threat, his susceptibility to suppresses, vision control, and burst damage provides opportunities for counterplay. Focus on exploiting his weaknesses, denying him easy targets, and waiting for the opportune moment to unload your disabling skills following his ult. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll greatly enhance your chances of neutralizing Nolan’s impact on the game.

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