Hilda Counter Mobile Legends 

Hilda, the powerhouse from the distant lands of Megalith City in Mobile Legends, presents a unique blend of resilience, healing, and damage. Her abilities allow her to excel in sustain, engage with enhanced movement speed, shield generation, and execute formidable crowd control and burst damage. While Hilda’s prowess on the battlefield can seem overwhelming, understanding her weaknesses and employing specific counter strategies can significantly reduce her impact.

Heroes That Challenge Hilda

Certain heroes demonstrate exceptional prowess against Hilda, utilizing their abilities to outmaneuver, overpower, or mitigate her strengths from various phases of the game:

  • Karrie: With her passive that deals true damage based on a percentage of the enemy’s health, Karrie can quickly melt through Hilda’s defenses.
  • Dyrroth: Dyrroth’s burst damage and regen reduction skills prove deadly against Hilda’s healing and shielding capabilities.
  • Valir: His pushback effect and sustained damage can keep Hilda at bay, preventing her from closing the distance.
  • Thamuz: Thamuz thrives in prolonged battles, where his consistent output of damage and life steal can outlast Hilda’s sustain.
  • Baxia: Baxia’s passive reduces the effectiveness of healing received by enemies, directly countering Hilda’s passive heals.

Strategic Items to Counter Hilda

Employing the right items can significantly temper Hilda’s strengths, especially her shielding and healing abilities:

Reducing Hilda’s Healing and Shields

  • Necklace of Durance (Mage)
  • Dominance Ice (Fighter, Tank)
  • Sea Halberd (Marksman/Assassin)

These items carry passive abilities that reduce the effects of healing and regenerative abilities, crippling Hilda’s self-sustaining powers.

Slowing Hilda Down

  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Thunder Belt

Applying slow effects on Hilda can prevent her from engaging or disengaging effectively, making it easier to control her movements in fights.

Bypassing Hilda’s Defenses

  • Malefic Roar (Marksman/Assassin)
  • Genius Wand (Mage)
  • Divine Glaive (Mage)

Penetrating Hilda’s defenses becomes crucial, especially in the late game, where her tankiness peaks. These items help in delivering damage that can pierce through her shields.

Utilizing % Health Damage

  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Glowing Wand

Items that deal damage based on a percentage of the enemy’s health are highly effective against tanky heroes like Hilda, ensuring your attacks remain impactful regardless of her defensive capabilities.

Tactical Insights Against Hilda

Some battle strategies and tips can elevate your chances against Hilda:

  • Maintain Distance: Keep Hilda at arm’s length, leveraging heroes with good poke potential.
  • Employ Hard Crowd Control (CC): Hilda is notably susceptible to stuns and hard CC, which can disrupt her advances and escape attempts.
  • Counter Healing and Shields Strategically: Prioritize the selection of heroes and items that can mitigate Hilda’s regenerative abilities.
  • Beware of Grouping: Hilda’s abilities cater to damaging multiple targets; spread out to reduce her effectiveness in team fights.
  • Laning Phase and Ganks: Recognize Hilda’s strength in laning and coordinate with your team to apply pressure through ganks, especially if she’s overpowering a teammate.


While Hilda boasts a robust set of skills that make her a formidable opponent in Mobile Legends, understanding her strengths and weaknesses allows players to devise effective counter-strategies. By choosing the right heroes, equipping strategic items, and employing calculated tactics, players can mitigate Hilda’s impact on the game, ensuring she becomes more of a wild card than a wild force.

Disclaimer: The dynamic nature of Mobile Legends means that strategies will evolve. Success against Hilda, like all heroes, depends on adaptable gameplay, timely decision-making, and cohesive team strategies.

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