Dyrroth Counter Mobile Legends

Dyrroth emerges as a formidable adversary, boasting incredible burst damage capabilities, particularly with his dreaded Abyss Strike. Renowned for hunting down heroes with vulnerabilities in mobility, Dyrroth excels in one-on-one confrontations, leveraging his skillset to deal devastating blows. However, like all heroes, Dyrroth harbors weaknesses that can be exploited. This guide dives into strategies, hero counters, and item selections to thwart the Prince of the Abyss.

Heroes That Counter Dyrroth

A well-chosen hero can neutralize Dyrroth’s advantages. Heroes equipped with crowd control (CC) and superior mobility can disrupt his rhythm and mitigate his burst potential:

  • Terizla: His durability and slow yet heavy-hitting attacks can punish Dyrroth for getting too close.
  • Esmeralda: With her shield conversion and sustained damage, Esmeralda can outlast Dyrroth in duels.
  • Guinevere: Her ability to leap and stun can interrupt Dyrroth’s skill execution.
  • Chou: A versatile hero with knock-up and immunity skills capable of outmaneuvering Dyrroth.
  • Claude: Claude’s mobility and area of effect (AoE) damage allows him to evade and counter Dyrroth effectively.

Item Choices to Counter Dyrroth

Preventing Dyrroth’s burst and healing capabilities requires strategic itemization. The following items focus on reducing his physical damage, minimizing his healing, and enhancing your survival against him:

  • Physical Damage Reduction:
    • Twilight Armor
    • Antique Cuirass
    • Protect against Dyrroth’s physical onslaught effectively.
  • Physical Damage Immunity:
    • Wind of Nature
    • Temporarily nullifies physical damage, crucial during Dyrroth’s ultimate.
  • Revival:
    • Immortality
    • A second chance can be pivotal in surviving Dyrroth’s kill attempts.
  • Attack Speed Reduction:
    • Dominance Ice
    • Slows Dyrroth’s attack speed, limiting his damage output and healing from his passive.

Reducing Healing and Slowing Movement

Dyrroth’s healing and mobility are significant parts of his kit; counteract these with:

  • Sea Halberd
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Ice Queen Wand

These items impair his healing and slow him down, making it easier to manage his movements and survivability in battles.

Survivability and Control

  • Winter Truncheon grants a moment of invulnerability, crucial for evading Dyrroth’s skill chain.
  • Purify provides a cleanse effect, invaluable against his slows and potential CC from his teammates.

Tactical Insights Against Dyrroth

Adjusting your playstyle is necessary when facing Dyrroth. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Retreat if your health is low; Dyrroth specializes in finishing off weakened foes.
  • Leverage CC against him; it’s his Achilles’ heel.
  • Stay vigilant in your positioning; avoid being isolated especially if your hero lacks mobility. Team up or use battle spells like Flicker for an emergency escape.
  • Maintain a safe distance, utilizing ranged poke when possible.
  • Dyrroth struggles in crowded fights; focus-fire can quickly take him down.
  • Prevent him from snowballing; an early lead significantly boosts his threat level.


Despite Dyrroth’s formidable presence on the battlefield, strategic hero selections, thoughtful item builds, and adaptive gameplay can neutralize his dominance. Understanding his mechanics allows players to anticipate and counter his moves effectively. Remember, the key to overcoming Dyrroth lies not just in overpowering him but also in outsmarting him. By applying these insights, you can curb the threat of the Abyss and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Note: Mobile Legends is a constantly evolving game, and tactics may shift as new updates and heroes are introduced. Staying informed and adapting to changes is crucial for maintaining an edge.

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