Estes Counter Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Estes, the Moon Elf King, holds the power to turn the tide of battle with his exceptional healing abilities and capacity to sustain allies in prolonged fights. Known for his dominance in team skirmishes, Estes can be a formidable foe whose presence on the battlefield can’t be ignored. However, like all heroes, Estes has his vulnerabilities. With strategic gameplay, the right heroes, and the necessary items, you can effectively counter Estes and diminish his impact on the game. Here’s how.

Exploiting Estes’ Weaknesses

Estes’ primary weaknesses lie in his lack of mobility and absence of escape mechanisms, making him an easy target for ambush and burst attacks. Capitalizing on these vulnerabilities is key to countering his presence.

Heroes to Counter Estes

Certain heroes, known for their destructive burst damage and crowd control abilities, can effectively neutralize Estes. Here’s a list based on their performance against him:

  • Freya: With her jump ability, Freya can bypass frontline defenses and land directly on Estes, delivering devastating blows.
  • Luo Yi: Her teleport skill allows for unexpected ambushes, while her damage output can quickly eliminate Estes.
  • Baxia: Baxia’s shield can absorb Estes’ heals, and his anti-regen passive directly counters Estes’ healing capabilities.
  • Fanny: Fanny’s mobility and burst damage make her an ideal pick to swoop in, eliminate Estes, and escape before encountering resistance.
  • Eudora: Capable of unleashing a high burst of magical damage, Eudora can quickly dispatch Estes before he has the chance to heal his allies.

Itemization Against Estes

To suppress Estes’ healing prowess, equipping specific anti-healing items is a crucial strategy:

  • Sea Halberd: Ideal for Marksmen and Assassins, this item substantially reduces the effectiveness of Estes’ healing.
  • Necklace of Durance: A perfect choice for Mages, lowering the healing and regenerative capabilities of enemies.
  • Dominance Ice: Suited for Fighters and Tanks, it not only lowers healing effects but also slows down the attack speed of nearby enemies.

Tactical Approaches

Understanding and implementing a few key strategies can significantly hamper Estes’ utility in matches:

  • Use Sprint: This spell can help you outrun and ignore the slowing effects of Estes’ second skill, Domain of Moon Goddess.
  • Focus on Burst Damage and CC: Heroes that can deliver quick, high damage and utilize crowd control skills are effective against Estes.
  • Separation Tactics: In team fights, find ways to isolate Estes from his allies. Without his team, Estes’ effectiveness is drastically reduced.
  • Ambush and Mobility: Utilize the terrain and your hero’s mobility to launch surprise attacks on Estes. His lack of escape skills makes him a prime target for ganks.

Beyond Countering Estes

While focusing on countering Estes is important, always adapt to the flow of the game. Remember, Mobile Legends is a team game, and victory often relies on teamwork, strategy, and adaptability beyond single hero counters.

Estes’ strength in team sustenance and his vulnerability to ambush and burst damage are two sides of the same coin. Exploiting his weaknesses while remaining mindful of your team’s dynamics and the evolving state of the match can ensure that the Moon Elf King’s healing powers won’t be enough to secure victory against your team.

Disclaimer: While these strategies aim to provide effective means to counter Estes in Mobile Legends, the dynamic nature of the game means outcomes will vary. Player skill, team composition, and in-game decision-making play significant roles in determining the success of these strategies.

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