Paquito Mobile Legends Counter

Paquito emerges as a formidable force on the Mobile Legends battlefield, boasting high mobility, versatile fight tactics, and the potential to execute hit-and-run strategies effectively. With the agility of a seasoned boxer, this fighter excels in ambushing opponents and can adapt roles from jungling to assassinating with ease. However, even the strongest warriors have their Achilles’ heel, and for Paquito, it’s heroes who can pin him down with crowd control (CC) and withstand his barrage of blows with physical defense items.

Heroes That Counter Paquito

Certain heroes, thanks to their skill sets and strategies, have been proven to effectively counter Paquito’s swiftness and strength:

  • Benedetta: Her agility and ability to evade make her a tough target for Paquito.
  • Phoveus: Specializes in countering high-mobility heroes like Paquito.
  • Yu Zhong: His resilience and life-steal abilities keep him standing after Paquito’s attacks wane.
  • Aldous: Grows stronger over time, outlasting Paquito’s early and mid-game dominance.
  • Minsitthar: His crowd control abilities can severely limit Paquito’s options.

Heroes Vulnerable to Paquito:

  • Barats
  • Khaleed
  • Luo Yi
  • Popol
  • Badang

These heroes tend to struggle against Paquito, primarily due to their lack of mobility or inability to escape his rapid assaults.

Items That Counter Paquito

To diminish the impact of Paquito’s attacks and enhance your survival against this agile fighter, consider incorporating these items into your build:

  • Physical Defense Items: Such as Dominance Ice, Brute Force Breastplate, Blade Armor, Twilight Armor, Antique Cuirass, to soak up and reduce incoming damage.
  • Wind of Nature: Offers temporary immunity to physical attacks for Marksmen and Assassins.
  • Winter Truncheon: Use its active effect to become invincible and untargetable briefly, dodging Paquito’s key skills.
  • Anti-Healing Items: Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance cut down on Paquito’s healing, while Dominance Ice also reduces his attack speed.
  • Movement Slowing Items: Such as Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, and Thunder Belt, to hinder Paquito’s agility.
  • Immortality: Provides a second chance at life should Paquito manage to land a knockout punch.

Tactical Play to Counter Paquito

  • Banning: In ranked matches, consider banning Paquito if your team composition is particularly vulnerable to him.
  • Utilize CC: Interrupting Paquito’s combo with stuns or slows can greatly reduce his effectiveness in clashes.
  • Stand Your Ground: Tank heroes can absorb much of Paquito’s punishment, protecting more vulnerable teammates.
  • Keep Your Distance: Ranged heroes should exploit their reach, chipping away at Paquito’s health from afar.
  • Avoid Solo Engagements: Traveling in pairs or as a team can dissuade Paquito from attempting to ambush.

Understanding Paquito’s Skillset

Paquito’s arsenal allows him to dart around the battlefield, dealing significant damage:

  • Passive (Champ Stance): Boosts his next ability, reinforcing Paquito’s hit-and-run style.
  • Heavy Left Punch (Skill 1): Delivers AoE damage and a shield, enhancing his durability.
  • Jab (Skill 2): A burst ability that increases mobility.
  • Knockout Strike (Ultimate): A potent CC and burst damage skill, ideal for finishing off opponents.


While Paquito can dominate the early and mid-game with his speed and striking power, a well-prepared team can counter his advances, turning the tide in their favor. By understanding Paquito’s strengths and weaknesses, choosing the right heroes, equipping suitable items, and employing effective tactics, players can mitigate his impact on the game.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of strategies in Mobile Legends can vary based on game updates, meta changes, and the individual skill level. Continuously adapt and strategize with your team for the best outcomes.

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