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Aulus, the Warrior of Ferocity, embodies the raw strength and resilience of a traditional fighter in Mobile Legends. With an arsenal designed for decimation and skills that boost both his offense and defense, he’s a formidable foe on the battlefield. However, no hero is devoid of weaknesses or insurmountable by the right counters. This comprehensive analysis delves into the essential heroes to counter Aulus, vital items that curtail his rampage, tactical maneuvers to inhibit his dominance, and a holistic review of his strengths and vulnerabilities.

Heroes Counter Aulus

Choosing the right adversaries can considerably diminish Aulus’s effectiveness on the field.

Aulus is Weak Against:

  • Phoveus: His mobility reduction abilities directly counter Aulus’s playstyle, keeping him from closing in on targets.
  • Natan: Can kite Aulus effectively, staying out of reach while whittling down his health.
  • Beatrix: Possesses versatile damage capabilities to cope with Aulus’s tankiness and burst him down from a distance.
  • Paquito: Outmaneuvers and outdamages Aulus with superior agility and striking power.
  • Wanwan: Her mobility and ability to execute make her a significant threat to Aulus, especially once his defenses are down.

Aulus is Strong Against:

  • Yve
  • Mathilda
  • Barats
  • Yu Zhong
  • Esmeralda

Aulus’s brute force and resilience allow him to withstand these heroes’ assaults while dishing out his counterblows.

Items Counter Aulus

Strategic item choices can significantly cripple Aulus’s battlefield impact:

  • Winter Truncheon: Grants a momentary respite from his onslaught, especially crucial when Aulus activates his ultimate.
  • Immortality: Provides a second chance in skirmishes, allowing for a strategic regroup or counter-attack.
  • Wind of Nature: Temporarily nullifies his physical damage, essential during his ultimate rampage.

Tips Counter Aulus

Implementing strategic counterplays can dismantle Aulus’s offensive marches:

  • Escape is Futile: Aulus’s first skill improves his chase potential. When low on health, it’s better to counter or use CC (Crowd Control) than attempt a futile escape.
  • Passive Watch: His passive stacks increase his damage output. Engage with caution when his passive is fully stacked.
  • Ultimate Awareness: During his ultimate, Aulus gains significant boosts. Disengage if possible, then re-engage with coordinated strikes or high burst damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • Impressive area attack damage.
  • Combines offense and defense seamlessly.
  • Capable of closing gaps with increased movement speed.
  • Versatile in roles, effective as both Fighter and Tank.


  • Struggles in the early game phases.
  • Limited by low lifesteal capabilities.
  • Overall slow basic attack speed.
  • Dependent on skills for effective engagement.

Skills Insight

  • Fighting Spirit (Passive): Enhances his basic attack and fighting capability progressively in battle.
  • Aulus, Charge! (Skill 1): Increases his speed while reducing enemy’s, aiding in pursuit or retreat.
  • The Power of Axe (Skill 2): Offers burst damage and a buff, quintessential for duels.
  • Undying Fury (Ultimate): Boosts his combat prowess temporarily, making him a terror during engagements.


Aulus stands as a testament to brute force and indomitable will in Mobile Legends. Yet, he is not without his Achilles’ heel. Through strategic hero selection, judicious item purchase, and tactical gameplay, opponents can neutralize his ferocity, turning the tide of battle in their favor. As the battlefield constantly evolves, so do the strategies to counter each hero. Always stay adaptive and ready to explore new counters as the meta shifts.

Disclaimer: Mobile Legends is subject to continuous updates that can alter hero viability and strategies. This article provides a snapshot based on the current meta, so players should remain flexible and stay informed about the latest game developments.

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