Natan Counter Mobile Legends 

Natan, the Spacetime Walker in Mobile Legends, has garnered a reputation as a formidable marksman with an extraordinary late-game impact. His abilities that bend the rules of spacetime can turn the tides of a game. Yet, there’s always a chink in the armor, a way to undermine even the most resilient of adversaries. In the following sections, we’ll explore the heroes that give Natan a hard time, the items to counter his temporal tricks, strategies to apply, and an examination of his strengths and weaknesses.

Heroes Counter Natan

A strategic hero pick is the first step in pre-empting Natan’s potentially game-altering influence.

Natan is Weak Against:

  • Benedetta: Her agility and burst damage make it hard for Natan to kite her effectively.
  • Atlas: His ultimate, ‘Fatal Links’, can catch Natan off-guard and present opportunities for follow-up attacks.
  • Granger: Capable of delivering high damage at a safe distance, Granger can challenge Natan in the early phases.
  • Esmeralda: Her shield absorption abilities and sustained damage output can withstand Natan’s burst and close the gap.
  • Helcurt: His silencing abilities and burst damage are the nemesis to Natan’s reliance on skill combos.

Natan is Strong Against:

  • Barats
  • Thamuz
  • Phoveus
  • Gloo
  • Yu Zhong

Natan can harness his high damage and attack speed to keep these heroes at bay and dominate through various phases.

Items Counter Natan

The right itemization can make a considerable difference in reducing Natan’s influence in the battlefield:

  • Dominance Ice: Slows down his attack speed, which is crucial to his damage output.
  • Blade Armor: Returns a portion of the physical damage received, which is highly effective against Natan’s high attack rate.
  • Twilight Armor: Limits the damage from Natan’s critical hits.
  • Immortality: Offers a second chance to withstand his burst and re-engage.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: Increases defenses while staying on the offensive against him.

Tips Counter Natan

Leverage these strategies to tip the scales against Natan:

  • Exploit the Early Game: Natan’s power spikes dramatically in the late game. Take control of the game early on.
  • Implement Burst Damage: A strong burst can eliminate Natan before he even gets a chance to react.
  • Close the Distance: Natan lacks robust escape mechanisms. Engage with heroes that can close in quickly and secure the kill.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • Dominates in the late game with high damage output.
  • Exceptional attack speed, allowing him to stack effects quickly.
  • His skill set provides unique and powerful area-of-effect damage.


  • More complex to master due to his unique mechanics.
  • Vulnerable due to the absence of solid escape tools.
  • Dependent on mana, which can limit his sustainability in prolonged engagements.

Skills Insight

  • Theory of Everything (Passive): Enhances basic attacks and skills, dealing additional damage.
  • Superposition (Skill 1): Delivers immediate burst damage and applies a debuff.
  • Interference! (Skill 2): Offers control with knockbacks and slows.
  • Entropy (Ultimate): Summons a reverse clone for mobility and additional damage.


Natan wields substantial power, particularly as a late-game carry. However, with precise hero selections, strategic itemization, and proactive gameplay, his potential can be significantly curtailed. To counter Natan effectively, players must be unforgiving in the early game and merciless with crowd control and burst damage when the opportunity arises.

Disclaimer: Mobile Legends evolves through game updates and meta shifts. This article reflects the state of play current to the date of writing. Strategies and counter methods may change; therefore, players are advised to adapt accordingly for the most up-to-date tactics and gameplay experiences.

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