Granger Counter Mobile Legends 

Granger, the Death Chanter, has etched his notoriety into the tapestry of Mobile Legends’ battlefields with his powerful burst damage, area-of-effect skills, and impactful ultimate. Being the composer of destruction isn’t immune to counterplay, though. This comprehensive guide explores the heroes best suited to silence Granger’s effectiveness, reveals optimal itemization strategies, and shares astute counterplay tips, all while shedding light on his inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Heroes Counter Granger

Choosing the optimal hero to face Granger can hinder his strategy significantly.

Granger is Weak Against:

  • Helcurt: His silencing abilities and burst damage pose a serious threat to Granger’s rhythm-based combat.
  • Selena: Her early-game aggression and high burst damage can throw Granger off his tempo from the start.
  • Guinevere: Her CC abilities can disrupt Granger’s skill chain, leaving him vulnerable to counterattacks.
  • Gusion: His burst damage and mobility make him capable of bypassing Granger’s skill shots.
  • Minsitthar: His ultimate can restrain Granger from utilizing his mobility, a vital part of his kit.

Granger is Strong Against:

  • Esmeralda
  • Khufra
  • Kimmy
  • Claude
  • Hanabi

Granger’s ability to burst down his opponents and maintain a safe distance gives him an edge over these heroes.

Items Counter Granger

Equipping the right items against Granger can significantly impede his deadly symphony:

  • Physical Defense Items: Twilight Armor, Antique Cuirass, Blade Armor mitigate Granger’s heavy physical damage.
  • Attack Speed Reducers: Dominance Ice can slow down Granger’s attacks, disrupting his rhythmic damage output.
  • Burst Damage Counters: Wind of Nature, Winter Truncheon, Immortality, and Queen’s Wings reduce Granger’s substantial burst potential.
  • Movement Speed Reducers: Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, Thunder Belt limit Granger’s mobility, making him an easier target.

Tips Counter Granger

Utilize these insights to orchestrate a counter symphony against Granger:

  • Flanking: Ambushing Granger from the sides or behind can catch him off-guard, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Isolation: Like most marksmen, Granger is easily overwhelmed when caught alone.
  • Interruptive CC: Granger’s Skill 1 can be interrupted by Crowd Control abilities, disrupting his flowing combat chain.
  • Deny Farm: Restrict Granger’s farming capabilities to slow down his power progression.
  • Low HP Caution: Granger’s ultimate is lethal to enemies with low HP. Retreating and healing may be the best choice when health is critically low.

Strengths and Weaknesses Overview


  • High burst damage makes him a major threat to his adversaries.
  • Capable of delivering wide-area damage, disrupting enemy formations.
  • Deadly ultimate with the potential for surprise attacks.
  • Offers a level of crowd control (CC) to restrict enemy movements.


  • Highly susceptible to crowd control effects.
  • Prone to ambushes due to his relatively squishy nature.
  • Deeply reliant on a rhythmic flow of skills, which can be interrupted.

Skills Insight

  • Caprice (Passive): Enhances his attacks, dealing critical damage.
  • Rhapsody (Skill 1): Delivers burst damage in a straight line.
  • Rondo (Skill 2): An essential mobility skill affording Granger added fluidity on the battlefield.
  • Death Sonata (Ultimate): Pulls the trigger on his explosive power, dealing heavy damage and slowing enemies.


Granger, while an orchestration of damage and menace in Mobile Legends, isn’t impervious. A blend of appropriate heroes, strategic itemization, and calculated counterplay ensures the Death Chanter’s symphony does not play the final note of the battlefield drama. As the game evolves, so must player strategies—adaptability remains the key to staying in tune with the shifting rhythm of Mobile Legends.

Disclaimer: This guide reflects the current game meta. Mobile Legends frequently updates game mechanics, heroes, and items, which may change the effectiveness of the described strategies over time. Hence, players should stay abreast of game updates and adjust strategies accordingly.

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