Wanwan Counter Mobile Legends

Wanwan, also known as the ‘Agile Tiger’, is a notoriously elusive marksman in Mobile Legends. Her agility, credited to her increased attack speed combined with an ability to inflict true damage, remove crowd control effects, and unleash high burst damage, makes her both hard to catch and to kill. However, with the right strategies and heroes, countering Wanwan can be achieved effectively.

Recognizing Wanwan’s Vulnerability

Despite her agility, Wanwan isn’t invincible. Heroes with high mobility that can easily get in close range and inflict damage stand a better chance against her. Additionally, buying items that reduce her attack speed and physical defense also help undermine her strengths.

  • Ling
  • Esmeralda
  • Selena
  • Kaja
  • X.Borg

These heroes can exploit Wanwan’s vulnerabilities and gain the upper hand during a majority of the game’s phases.

Heroes At Risk Against Wanwan

Some heroes are not as lucky when facing Wanwan, generally due to lower mobility, durability, or unable to handle her true damage output:

  • Granger
  • Guinevere
  • Harley
  • Lesley
  • Gusion

Equip to Counter Wanwan

Purchasing the right items can dramatically alter the course of a battle against Wanwan. Here are few items you should consider:

  • Dominance Ice: The premier choice against Wanwan, reducing her attack speed and subsequently, her mobility.
  • Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand: Both of these items can significantly slow down Wanwan’s movement speed to aid in pursuing or escaping from her.
  • Wind of Nature: Temporarily block the physical damage dealt by Wanwan.
  • Twilight Armor, Antique Cuirass: These items help absorb a significant amount of Wanwan’s damage output.
  • Winter Truncheon: Can prove life-saving against Wanwan’s skills by providing brief moments of invulnerability.
  • Immortality: Empowers you to attack Wanwan freely, removing the fear of defeat.
  • Brute Force Breastplate, Thunder Belt, Blade Armor: All of these items provide additional physical defense against Wanwan.
  • Purify: Key to neutralizing the crowd control effects of Wanwan’s ‘Swallow’s Path’.

Tips to Counter Wanwan

  1. Use Suppression Heroes: Heroes with suppression skills like Franco or Kaja can effectively counter Wanwan’s crowd control removal ability.
  2. Pressure The Early Game: Gank her aggressively at the beginning before she gets the essential items.
  3. Ambush Strategy: Isolate and kill Wanwan before engaging in larger fights if she happens to wander alone.
  4. Close-Quarter Combat: Bursting her down in close quarters is undeniably the most straightforward way to counter Wanwan.
  5. Small Fighting Spaces: Restricted areas can limit Wanwan’s mobility and suppress her prowess.

Understanding Wanwan’s Prowess and Pitfalls


  • Built-in cleanse using her skills.
  • Effective poke damage.
  • High mobility.
  • Great snowball potential when ahead.


  • Fragile or “squishy”.
  • Low damage in the early game.
  • High difficulty curve due to her passive.
  • Heavily reliant on her items to scale.

Overview of Wanwan’s Abilities

  • Passive: Tiger Pace – Buff, Mobility
  • Skill 1: Swallow’s Path – AOE, CC
  • Skill 2: Needles in Flowers – Remove CC, AOE
  • Ultimate: Crossbow of Tang – Burst


Taking down Wanwan requires a multi-pronged approach that includes the selection of high-mobility heroes, strategic item purchasing and operational tactics that exploit her vital weaknesses. Respect her capability, anticipate her moves, and meet her where she falls short, and the ‘Agile Tiger’ can be tamed.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are grounded in a detailed understanding of Mobile Legends’ gameplay mechanics and personal experience. The effectiveness of the strategies and tips suggested can vastly differ depending on the player’s skill level, experience, and specific in-game dynamics. Players are reminded that the game mechanics and hero abilities are subject to regular updates and patches, meaning some advice may become less accurate over time.

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