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Masha, aptly named the ‘Wild-oats Fist’, is a force of nature in Mobile Legends. With her high recovery ability, rapid farming speed, and devastating turret pushing power, she is a major threat to enemy teams. Add to this her rapid attack speed, physical lifesteal and ability to render herself invulnerable, countering Masha seems a daunting prospect. However, like any other hero, Masha has her vulnerabilities that skilled opponents can exploit to their advantage.

Identifying Masha’s Achille’s Heel

Masha’s primary weakness lies in her reliance on her healing ability and her attack speed. Several heroes have proven themselves effective at exploiting these gaps in Masha’s defenses due to their innate abilities or superior crowd control and mobility.

  • Jawhead
  • Chou
  • Sun
  • Lunox
  • Hayabusa

These heroes outshine Masha in combat, continually chipping down her defenses regardless of her fast healing abilities.

Heroes Vulnerable to Masha

On the other hand, heroes with lower mobility and durability can fall prey to Masha’s aggression and end up as easy targets:

  • Irithel
  • Zilong
  • Eudora
  • Harith
  • Layla

Equip to Counter Masha

The right selection of items can significantly hinder Masha’s power in battle, particularly those that either reduce her healing ability or slow down her attack speed.

Healing Reducer items:

  • Sea Halberd
  • Necklace of Durance

These items are highly effective in countering Masha’s high regeneration.

Attack Speed reducers:

  • Dominance Ice

This item simultaneously cuts down both Masha’s healing ability and her attack speed, making it an integral addition to any counter-strategy.

Movement Speed reducers:

  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Ice Queen Wand

These items can be used strategically to slow Masha down, diminishing her effectiveness and providing opportunities to strike back.

Survival and Counter-Attack Items:

  • Purify – Essential for neutralizing Masha’s stunning abilities.
  • Winter Truncheon – This item can provide crucial moments of invulnerability to escape or counter Masha’s skills.
  • Wind of Nature – A temporary protective barrier against Masha’s damage.
  • Blade Armor – Reflects Masha’s basic attack damage back at her, turning her own strength against her.

Strategic Tips to Counter Masha

  1. Utilize Suppression Skills: Masha’s crowd control immunity can be counter-balanced by heroes with reliable suppression skills.
  2. Maintain Distance: Avoid close combat with Masha and continually harass her from a distance. Contest her control over objectives and prevent her from farming freely.
  3. Reduce Healing Early: Prioritize purchasing items that reduce Masha’s healing abilities to neutralize her survivability in the early game.
  4. Choose Mobility: Mobile heroes can dodge Masha’s abilities, reducing her overall impact.
  5. Apply Consistent Pressure: Regular ganks disrupt Masha’s farming and weaken her game influence. Avoid one-on-one confrontations unless assured of the upper hand.

Understanding Masha’s Capabilities


  • Efficiency in pushing turrets.
  • Rapid farming ability.
  • Impressive crowd control.
  • Superior durability and high regeneration.


  • Consumes health when deploying skills.
  • Requires a high level of skill and game awareness to utilize effectively.

Masha’s Skill Overview

  • Passive: Ancient Strength – Buff
  • Skill 1: Wild Power – Speed Up, Buff
  • Skill 2: Howl Shock – Slow, AOE
  • Ultimate: Thunderclap – Burst, Mobility


Countering Masha requires a combination of heroes with high control and mobility, strategic item purchasing, and a persistent offense to keep her in check. Exploit her weaknesses while mitigating her strengths, and what initially seemed an insurmountable obstacle will become a manageable challenge.

Disclaimer: This article is based on a comprehensive understanding of Mobile Legends’ gameplay mechanics and the author’s experience. The effectiveness of the strategies and recommendations can vary depending on the individual’s skill level, game experience, and specific in-game situations. With continuously changing game dynamics due to regular updates and patches, some information might be subject to changes.

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