Troubleshooting Samsung TV: 13 Fixes for Samsung TV Crackling Sound

From time to time, you might find your Samsung TV producing a crackling sound—an issue that can turn an immersive viewing experience into a frustrating one. Unfortunately, as with any piece of technology, occurrences like these are not entirely avoidable. This detailed guide will walk you through 13 potential fixes to tame that crackling sound and restore tranquility to your viewing experience.

What Causes the Samsung TV Crackling Sound?

Crackling sound typically results from problems like improper settings, a loose cable connection, defective external speakers, software glitches, or, worst-case scenario, a faulty internal speaker. We’ll start with simpler fixing steps, then explore those that require more advanced steps.

1. Adjust the Volume

Begin by testing the volume. Lower the volume and check the effect on the crackling sound. Sometimes, high volume levels might cause distortion leading to crackling sound.

2. Verify Cable Connections

Loose or faulty cables could also be the culprit. Ensure all cables connected to your TV, whether HDMI, audio, or antenna cables are securely plugged in.

3. Check Connected Devices

If you’re using an external device such as a DVD player, gaming console, or set-top box, disconnect it. Check if the crackling noise still exists, as the external device may be causing the sound issue.

4. Test Different Channels

Switch to various channels or stream different content to test if the problem persists across all channels and sources. If it’s confined to a single channel or source, the issue might not be with your TV.

5. Use Samsung’s Built-in Sound Test

Samsung TVs come with a built-in sound test. You can find this in the settings under ‘Support’ – ‘Self Diagnosis’ – ‘Sound Test’. This will help determine if the issue is with the TV’s hardware.

6. Swap The Audio Format

If you’re using a digital broadcast, try switching the audio format to PCM. You can do this by heading to ‘Settings’ – ‘Sound’ – ‘Expert Settings’ – ‘Digital Output Audio Format’, and select PCM.

7. Update Your TV’s Software

Software glitches can sometimes cause sound problems. If your Samsung TV firmware is outdated, an update may fix the crackling sound. Visit ‘Support’ – ‘Software Update’ to check for updates.

8. Reset Sound Settings

By resetting the sound settings, you could potentially resolve any corrupted or erroneous settings causing the problem. Head to ‘Settings’ – ‘Sound’ – ‘Expert Settings’ – ‘Reset Sound’, and accept the option to reset.

9. Disable Sound Enhancement Features

Features such as ‘Auto Volume’, ‘Sound Customiser’ and ‘Dolby Digital Plus’ may sometimes interfere with TV audio. Disabling these features in the ‘Expert Settings’ could eliminate the crackling sound.

10. Consider External Speakers or Sound System

Routing your TV’s audio through external speakers or a sound system could circumvent the internal speaker issue causing the crackling sound. If the sound quality improves without any noise, it confirms the internal speaker is the problem.

11. Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset erases all customised settings, updates, apps and account information, but can often rectify persistent issues. Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Support’ – ‘Self Diagnosis’ – ‘Reset’. Input your PIN (0000, if you haven’t changed it), and follow the prompts.

Be sure to back up any critical information before this step.

12. Consult a Professional

If the crackling persist, it may signal a more severe issue like a defective speaker or circuit. Consulting a professional technician or Samsung support would be your next course of action to prevent further damage.

13. Consider Replacing Your TV

If your Samsung TV is quite old and repairs would prove expensive, it might be time to consider replacing it, particularly given the rapid advancements in sound and picture technology deployed in new TV models.

Wrapping Up

Troubleshooting a crackling sound from your Samsung TV can be a process of trial and error. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to identifying and resolving the issue, starting from simple fixes to more complex ones. Hopefully, by following these steps, you can restore clear, high-quality sound to your TV viewing experience and enjoy your media just as you should.

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