Riot Steps Up: Philippine Servers for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Coming Soon

Riot Games, with a mission to level up the gaming experience for its Filipino players, has unveiled the roadmap for deploying new servers in the Philippines. This update directly targets smash-hit titles, League of Legends, and its companion in the gaming universe, Teamfight Tactics.

Riot Games revealed their existing groundwork with Philippine-based companies, devoted to setting up these robust game servers in Manila. The sole aim is to slash the ping response times for both LoL and TFT significantly, targeting to bring it down to a spectacular 15 to 25ms. The game developer team has exuded confidence in their concerted efforts to ameliorate the gaming experience, with predictions of “notable improvements” across the country.

However, Manila’s central inhabitants might score a bigger win as the developers anticipate achieving a ping lower than 15ms. Fans need just a little patience, as Riot promises the “improved connectivity” to be felt across the archipelago by mid-August. The sleek process kicks in automatically, sparing players from troublesome additional steps.

Confirming the committed and active involvement in the deployment, Riot disclosed that their teams are neck-deep in executing tests and verifications on the Philippine servers. A huge sigh of relief for the gaming enthusiasts, the smooth transition ensures zero downtime during the process. This seamless strategy guarantees uninterrupted gaming as the system performs its upgrade wizardry in the backdrop.

But Riot Games isn’t flying solo. They’re calling on the gaming community to participate by providing valuable feedback throughout the process. Championing the gamers’ voice, they aim to polish any rough edges, ensuring smooth gameplay and top-notch performance.

The promise of this impressive upgrade from Riot is a milestone in the gaming services currently available in the country. The commendable move resonates with the developer’s self-publishing strategy for its globally-renowned multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title, creating a buzz in the gaming community.

The seeds of transformation are sown. The Philippine gaming landscape is set to evolve with Riot’s meticulously planned and executed server update. Gamers are now just countdown away from saying goodbye to high ping times and welcoming a seamless and lag-free gaming experience. Let the Games begin!

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