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Kregera, an established seller, boasts a substantial customer base within the US, with over five thousand consumers placing their trust in this retailer. Since debuting on the marketplace in 2013, they have continually expanded their product portfolio, now offering a few thousand products across a multitude of brands. This includes popular household names such as Cottonelle, Charmin, Core Power, Scott, and Neutrogena.

Their efforts and customer commitment are reflected in their ranking as a Top 5000 seller. Kregera’s been steadily climbing up the ranks, as indicated by their remarkable leap from the 2,903rd position to the 1,740th spot within a month. The seller’s rank, influenced by the number of positive reviews received over the last 30 days, underscores their growing trust and credibility.

Over the past year, 64% of customer ratings have been positive. With over 1321 ratings considered, this implies a satisfactory shopping experience for the majority of consumers. However, the 36% of less positive feedback suggests room for improvement in matters relating to product quality, service delivery, or customer service.

Kregera exhibits a noteworthy reputation as an seller. Their wide array of products, continuous improvements in seller ranking, and largely positive feedback make them a serious consideration for customers. However, as always, potential buyers should be proactive in perusing individual product reviews and understanding return policies before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Kregera

Q1: Who is Kregera?

A1: Kregera is a trusted seller on, serving more than five thousand customers in the US. They have been selling on since 2013, offering a vast assortment of products across various brands such as Cottonelle, Charmin, Core Power, Scott, and Neutrogena.

Q2: What’s Kregera’s seller ranking on

A2: Kregera ranks 1,740th overall on, an improvement from 2,903rd last month. The ranking is based on the number of positive reviews received in the last 30 days.

Q3: Can I trust Kregera?

A3: Kregera has established trust with over five thousand customers on With a 64% positive review score over the last 12 months, many customers were satisfied with their purchases. However, paying attention to the product details, reading customer reviews, and understanding the return policies are always advisable before making a purchase.

Q4: Does Kregera offer a return policy?

A4: As a seller on, Kregera should adhere to Amazon’s return policy. However, to ensure understanding of any exceptions or specific details, you should check the return policy listed on Kregera’s seller profile.

Q5: Are there other sellers offering similar products to Kregera on Amazon?

A5: has numerous sellers offering a variety of products similar to Kregera. These sellers may have a differing amount of positive feedback and product selection. As always, it’s essential to examine seller feedback, product information, and return policies when considering a purchase.


Kregera has made a significant mark on as a trusted seller, having served more than five thousand customers in the US since entering the marketplace in 2013. Offering a plethora of products from well-known brands like Cottonelle, Charmin, Core Power, Scott, and Neutrogena, they cater to a wide range of consumer needs.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and growth is evident in their steady upward trajectory, climbing from the 2,903rd position to the impressive 1,740th within just a month. As a Top 5000 seller, Kregera’s ranking speaks to their credibility, being based on the number of positive reviews received in the past 30 days.

Their 64% positive rating over the past year (representing 1321 customer ratings) indicates that most buyers have a satisfactory shopping experience. However, the remaining 36% of less positive feedback highlights areas where the seller can improve, such as service delivery, product quality, or customer service responsiveness.

Kregera has built a solid reputation as a reliable and customer-centric retailer on the platform. Their extensive product offerings, improved seller ranking, and largely favorable reviews make them an attractive option for customers seeking diverse options. Nevertheless, to ensure a smooth online shopping experience, potential buyers should always pay attention to individual product reviews, understand Kregera’s return policies, and communicate with the seller as needed.

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