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Homde is a top-rated seller on Amazon.com, enjoying the trust of over three thousand customers in the US. Having launched its operations on the marketplace in 2017, they have been continually offering hundreds of diverse products.

Ranked among the Top 10,000 sellers on Amazon.com, Homde occupies the 8,033rd position overall. This reflects a significant improvement from the 29,907th rank last month. These rankings are largely influenced by the number of positive reviews received in the past 30 days and testify to the seller’s dedication to customer satisfaction and robust service delivery.

What sets Homde apart is their impeccable 100% positive feedback score over the past 12 months. With 634 ratings counted, this outstanding record suggests that all customers had a satisfactory shopping experience, reflecting high standards of product quality and customer service.

With a wide array of products, a substantial customer base, a terrific improvement in ranking, and flawless customer feedback, Homde is undeniably a trustworthy retailer to consider on Amazon.com. However, as a prudent buyer, it’s always recommended to browse through individual product reviews and understand the seller’s return policies before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Homde

Q1: Who is Homde?

A1: Homde is a top-rated seller on Amazon.com, trusted by more than three thousand customers in the US. They have been selling on the Amazon.com marketplace since 2017, offering hundreds of diverse products catering to various customer needs.

Q2: What’s Homde’s seller ranking on Amazon.com?

A2: Homde ranks 8,033rd overall on Amazon.com, displaying a tremendous improvement from the 29,907th position last month. The ranking is based on the number of positive reviews received in the last 30 days.

Q3: Can I trust Homde?

A3: Homde has an impressive track record, with a 100% positive review score in the last 12 months, based on 634 ratings. Their outstanding customer feedback, combined with a rapidly improving seller rank, establishes Homde as a trustworthy seller. Nevertheless, it’s still advisable to review product information, customer feedback, and return policies before proceeding with a purchase.

Q4: Does Homde offer a return policy?

A4: As an Amazon.com seller, Homde is expected to follow Amazon’s return policy. To obtain information on any specific details or exceptions, you should consult the return policy listed on Homde’s seller profile.

Q5: Are there other sellers on Amazon.com offering similar products to Homde?

A5: Yes, Amazon.com has a diverse range of sellers who offer similar products to those available from Homde. These sellers may have different levels of positive feedback and product assortment. To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, always examine seller feedback, product information, and return policies before finalizing a purchase.


Homde has secured a commendable position as a top-rated seller on Amazon.com, fostering trust with over three thousand customers in the US since its establishment in 2017. Offering hundreds of products in various categories, Homde ensures a diverse selection for consumers.

Impressively, Homde occupies the 8,033rd position out of Amazon’s Top 10,000 sellers, marking a significant jump from their 29,907th spot the previous month. This progression in rank, based on the number of positive reviews in the past 30 days, reflects their commitment to providing excellent customer service and product quality.

Most notably, Homde’s 100% positive rating over the past year, based on 634 customer reviews, demonstrates an exemplary record of customer satisfaction. This flawless score sets them apart as a retailer that fulfills customer expectations consistently.

In close, Homde emerges as a dependable and highly trusted retailer on Amazon.com, given their wide product selection, remarkable improvement in ranking, and unmatched customer satisfaction scores. Even so, potential buyers are always advised to peruse individual product reviews and understand Homde’s return policies to ensure a confident and informed purchase.

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