How to Counter Kagura in Mobile Legends

Kagura, the umbrella-wielding mage of Mobile Legends, is known for her agility, burst damage, and multi-target crowd control abilities. However, like every hero in the game, Kagura has her counters. Here, we discuss how players can effectively counter Kagura through hero choices, strategic item selections, and gameplay tips.

Heroes That Counter Kagura

Heroes with suppression skills are particularly effective against Kagura. These are some of the most successful heroes that counter her:

  1. Gusion
  2. Zilong
  3. Alucard
  4. Akai
  5. Hayabusa

They dominate Kagura because they either prevent her from using her skills effectively or outmaneuver her tactical mobility.

Heroes That Kagura Overpowers

On the other end of the spectrum, some heroes fare poorly against Kagura, primarily due to her high crowd control and burst damage:

  1. Miya
  2. Layla
  3. Odette
  4. Gord
  5. Lesley

Items to Counter Kagura

Building the right defensive items can significantly negate Kagura’s magic damage and burst. Consider the following:

  • Oracle, Athena’s Shield, Radiant Armor, Cursed Helmet: These items provide magic resistance and health, which can dampen the impact of Kagura’s magic burst.
  • Winter Truncheon: A lifesaver item. It provides a brief period during which you can avoid Kagura’s skill combo.
  • Immortality, Queen’s Wings: Both items are excellent for countering her burst through additional survivability and the revival effect of Immortality.

Tips for Countering Kagura

A combination of tactical approaches can limit Kagura’s effectiveness:

  • Suppression Skills: Utilize heroes like Barats, Akai, or Franco, whose suppressive abilities Kagura cannot escape with her second skill.
  • Dodging Ultimate: Practice evading Kagura’s ultimate with dash moves, abilities like acceleration, or battle spells like Flicker.
  • Late Game Strategy: Kagura’s influence wanes as the game progresses. Try to extend the game to the late phases.
  • Engage Quickly: When Kagura dives into battle, focus fire on her, especially if she’s already used Flicker.
  • Gank Often: Reduce Kagura’s farm efficiency by frequent ganks.
  • Mana Deprivation: Attempt to steal her blue buff to induce mana scarcity.

Kagura’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Awareness of Kagura’s strengths and weaknesses can guide your approach against her:


  • Excellent mobility makes her difficult to pin down.
  • High burst damage potential is a threat to squishy heroes.
  • Robust crowd control abilities.
  • Relatively low cooldowns for her skills.
  • Effective wave-clearing capabilities.


  • Relies heavily on mana and can struggle with mana management.
  • High skill-cap hero, which means not every player can bring out her full potential.
  • Vulnerable to heroes and abilities that apply suppression.

Kagura’s Skills Overview

Understanding Kagura’s skills can help players anticipate her moves:

  • Passive – Yin Yang Gathering: Generates a shield and crowd control on demand.
  • 1st Skill – Seimei Umbrella Open: Deals damage and applies a slow effect.
  • 2nd Skill – Rasho Umbrella Flee: Allows Kagura to remove crowd control effects and reposition.
  • Ultimate – Yin Yang Overturn: Provides strong crowd control and burst damage.

By selecting suitable heroes, equipping the right items, and adopting specific gameplay strategies, players can effectively counter Kagura, reducing her impact on the game and leading their team to victory.

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