How to Counter Carmilla in Mobile Legends

Positioned as a support tank in Mobile Legends, Carmilla utilizes her passive ability to pilfer enemy defenses, a healing skill, and a potent ultimate that excels in team fights. As a late-game hero, her staff lies in her remarkable resistance and recovery. However, like other heroes in the game, it’s possible to counter Carmilla. The key lies in stepping up the game pace, deploying the right heroes, employing ideal items, and using tactical gameplay strategies.

Heroes That Counter Carmilla

Certain heroes are favorable match-ups to Carmilla due to their abilities and strengths. Based on their win-rate against her, these heroes include:

  1. Harith
  2. Zilong
  3. Wanwan
  4. Baxia
  5. Sun

Heroes That Carmilla Overpowers

Conversely, Carmilla has an edge over some heroes, mostly due to her stealing and healing abilities. These heroes include:

  1. Karrie
  2. Aurora
  3. Pharsa
  4. Julian
  5. Gusion

Items to Counter Carmilla

Choosing correct items can drastically reduce Carmilla’s healing ability and penetrate her defenses:

  • Healing Cut: Items such as Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, and Dominance Ice can stymie her healing prowess.
  • Penetration: Use Malefic Roar, Genius Wand, or Divine Glaive to pierce through her defenses.
  • Movement Speed Reduction: Incorporate items like Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, or Thunder Belt to curtail Carmilla’s mobility.
  • Percentage Damage: Equip Demon Hunter Sword or Glowing Wand to counter her high HP recovery.
  • Dispelling CC: Item Purify is exceptional at dispelling the crowd control caused by Carmilla.

Gameplay Tips to Counter Carmilla

Adopting a few strategic approaches can help curtail her significant influence in the game:

  • End the Match Quickly: Carmilla grows more durable as the game progresses. Try to accelerate the game pace and conclude the match before she gains critical items.
  • Avoid Long Engagements: Her healing ability makes drawn-out fights unfavorable.
  • Target Carmilla: In team fights, aim to eliminate Carmilla first due to her tendency to abscond your defense.
  • Stun Her Early: Use stun controls on Carmilla before she gets close to your team.
  • Poke from Afar: Leverage heroes that can poke Carmilla from a distance to keep her at bay.

Carmilla’s Strengths and Weaknesses

A better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses can aid your strategy:


  • Potent in the late game.
  • Exemplary performance in team fights.
  • Can steal enemy defenses.
  • Provides annoying crowd control skills.


  • A short skill range puts her at risk against poke-type heroes.
  • No blink skills, which limits her survivability and mobility.

Overview of Carmilla’s Skills

Recognizing Carmilla’s skills will help anticipate her actions:

  • Passive – Vampire Pact: Buffs herself and debuffs enemies.
  • 1st Skill – Crimson Flower: Inflicts damage on enemies and heals herself.
  • 2nd Skill – Bloodbath: Provides speed-up and crowd control abilities.
  • Ultimate – Curse of Blood: A potent crowd control ability for team fights.

Employ these heroes, items, and tips to mitigate the threats posed by Carmilla, effectively leveling the playing field and increasing your chances of securing victory.

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