How to Call Landline Using Globe?

In a digital age where communication is instant and an intrinsic part of our daily routines, it is hard to underestimate the importance of telecommunications services. As one of the prominent telecommunications providers in the Philippines, Globe has simplified the process of staying interconnected not just through mobile devices but also to the more conventional landline telephones. Amid the rise of internet messaging and social media platforms, calling landline numbers through a mobile remains a prevalent and necessary form of communication. This piece serves as a practical guide on how to call a landline using Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) SIM cards in the easiest manner possible.

The process of dialing a landline might seem arcane in the day and age of one-tap functions, but Globe has streamlined this task to its simplest form. All it requires from users are a few keystrokes following a definitive pattern. This pattern – a series of numbers and specific codes – makes this process intuitive and concise, catering even to first-time users. To add to the simplicity, local telecommunications providers each have a unique code – to be dialled before the 7-digit landline number, ensuring you reach the correct destination without fail.

While the steps are straightforward, the nuances, such as the area code appropriateness and variations, can often turn it into a confusing task. Adapting to the traditional telephony way of communication can seem puzzling, more so if you’ve extensively been familiar with the newer, simpler methods. However, once you understand the underlying logic and the step-by-step process, the task becomes a lot easier, and making a call to a landline number using your Globe or TM SIM card becomes a piece of cake.

How to use Globe, TM to call telephone numbers

Dialing a Landline Number

When dialing a landline number using your globe or TM SIM card, you are required to follow a particular format:

0 + Area Code + PTE code + 7-digit landline number

An Example

Assume you want to make a call to a PLDT landline number. In this case, the format required to make the call is 0281234567. The format remains the same for other telecoms like Globe, Bayantel, TTP, or ABS-CBN Convergence. All you need to do is change the PTE codes as needed.

A Full List of PTE Codes

For your convenience, here’s a list of PTE codes for every prominent telecommunication provider in the Philippines:

  1. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT): 8
  2. Globe Telecommunications: 7
  3. Bayan Telecommunications: 3
  4. Telecommunications Technologies Philippines Inc.: 5
  5. ABS-CBN Convergence Inc.: 6

FAQ Section: How to Call Landline Using Globe

Q1: What is the standard format to dial a landline using my Globe or TM SIM card?

Answer: The standard format to dial a landline using your Globe or TM SIM card is 0 + Area Code + PTE code + 7-digit landline number.

Q2: What does “PTE code” mean?

Answer: PTE stands for “Public Telecommunications Entity.” Each telecom company has a unique PTE code. For instance, the PTE code for Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is 8.

Q3: Can you give an example of using the format to dial a landline?

Answer: Yes. If you are dialing a PLDT landline number using your Globe SIM card, enter 0281234567.

Q4: Where can I find a list of all PTE codes?

Answer: Here is a list of PTE codes for every telecommunications provider in the Philippines:

  • Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT): 8
  • Globe Telecommunications: 7
  • Bayan Telecommunications: 3
  • Telecommunications Technologies Philippines Inc.: 5
  • ABS-CBN Convergence Inc.: 6

Q5: What is the area code in the standard format?

Answer: The area code is the code used to identify the geographic area of the landline you are calling. An example is “02”, which is the area code for Metro Manila.

Q6: Can I call a landline number from my Globe SIM card regardless of my location?

Answer: Yes, you can call a landline number from your Globe SIM card no matter where you are located, provided that you have enough load or credit and network coverage.

Q7: Can I call a landline number even without entering the PTE code?

Answer: No, entering the correct PTE code is necessary to ensure that you are connected to the correct telecom network, and ultimately, the landline number you wish to reach.


While the complexity of modern communication technologies continues to grow, the importance of more traditional methods, such as calling a landline, remains consistent. Globe, as a leading telecommunication provider, bridges the gap between these different communication models, allowing its users to make landline calls simply and effectively.

By adhering to the formula – 0 + Area Code + PTE code + 7-digit landline number, Globe and TM SIM card users can effortlessly reach any landline, be it tied to PLDT, Globe Telecommunications, Bayan Telecommunications, Telecommunications Technologies Philippines Inc., or ABS-CBN Convergence Inc.

The breakdown of PTE codes for each provider makes it easy to ensure correct dialing, while understanding the pattern of dialing takes the guesswork out of the process. These conveniences emphasize Globe’s commitment to accessibility and ease of use in today’s fast-paced communication landscape.

Therefore, as the future of communication continues to evolve, it is reassuring to see how platforms like Globe still offer transformative ways of using traditional modes of communication – maintaining their relevance in the ever-dynamic world of telecom.

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