Top 10 Best Air Fryers in the Philippines (Updated 2024)

Entering 2024, the movement towards healthier eating and smart kitchen technology is becoming more of a standard expectation than an optional indulgence. Among the innovations leading this shift, the air fryer is a standout, captivating Filipinos with its knack for mimicking the satisfying crunch and taste of deep-fried favorites, all while leaving the excess oil behind. This nifty appliance is swiftly climbing the ranks of must-have kitchen tools across the country, reshaping how we think about quick, health-conscious cooking.

This guide brings to you our thoroughly researched and updated list of the Top 10 Best Air Fryers for 2024, considering diverse aspects such as cost, performance, energy efficiency, and user reviews. Each chosen product reflects the balance between health considerations and culinary indulgence, aiming to redefine your cooking journey and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

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Best Overall: Gaabor Air Fryer

Gaabor Air Fryer, your ticket to multi-functional, oil-free, and healthy meal preparations. This innovative appliance boasts a 360° three-dimensional hot air circulation system, ensuring even heating and perfect results every time. Simplify your kitchen routine with a single knob operation that eliminates guesswork, providing fixed time and temperature settings for hassle-free cooking. Explore culinary creativity with six preset function menus, empowering you to become a master chef in your own home. Its anti-scalding handle is designed with your comfort in mind, offering a safe grip while you cook. Cleanup is a breeze with the detachable non-stick grill, ensuring no fuss maintenance. Plus, with automatic power shutdown and memory function, it adds a layer of safety, giving you peace of mind. Step into a world where cooking is not only easier but healthier and safer with the Gaabor Air Fryer.

Best Budget: Han River Air Fryer

A clever kitchen partner that makes healthy cooking an absolute joy. Revel in the luxury of coming home to a warm meal with its thoughtful ‘Keep Warm’ feature, ready to serve whenever you are. Manipulate time and temperature with ease using the straightforward knob control, simplifying your kitchen tasks. The non-stick surface promises a smooth cooking experience, ensuring your meals slide right off the basket and onto your plate, while making clean-up almost effortless. Moreover, with the handy pre-set timer, you can dictate when your cooking starts and stops, granting you the freedom to multitask or unwind as delicious aromas fill your kitchen. The HAN RIVER Air Fryer is not just about whipping up yummy, healthy food—it’s about adding a touch of simplicity to your busy life.

Premium Pick: Hanabishi Digital Air Fryer

The Hanabishi Digital Air Fryer, your new ally in the quest for wholesome yet delectable home-cooked meals. This splendid appliance boasts the latest rapid hot air technology, allowing you to whip up your all-time favorite dishes with the bare minimum of oil, delivering that irresistible crunch every time. Tweak your cooking sessions to your exact needs with an easy-to-adjust timer that can be set anywhere from one minute to a full hour, along with a comprehensive temperature range of 50°C to a hot 200°C. A timely bell alert ensures you’ll never miss the moment your food reaches culinary perfection. With its digital display featuring ten preset programs, meal prep transitions from a task to a pleasurable, almost effortless activity. Craving crunchy snacks, fluffy cakes, seared meats, or a hearty roast? This air fryer has you covered, smoothing out your kitchen routine one tasty dish at a time. When it’s time to clean, the non-stick, dishwasher-friendly parts keep things simple and swift. Constructed with a durable stainless steel element and incorporating a thermal safety fuse, your Hanabishi Digital Air Fryer is a durable, reliable kitchen companion, ready to unlock a world of satisfying, healthy eats.

Leacco Air Fryer

A state-of-the-art kitchen appliance designed to transform the way you cook into a swift, health-conscious, and visually engaging experience. Equipped with a revolutionary 5 Minute Rapid Heating feature, this air fryer ensures you’re just moments away from starting your culinary adventures. The innovative Transparent Viewing Window removes the guesswork from cooking, letting you monitor your food’s progress without interrupting the cooking cycle. Its Smart Operation system simplifies your experience with intuitive controls, making perfect cooking results accessible to chefs of all skill levels. At the heart of the Leacco Air Fryer is the EvenlyMax Technology, enhanced by double the air circulation at precisely controlled temperatures, guaranteeing impeccably crispy outcomes and faster browning without compromising on taste or texture. Whether you’re aiming for a quick, healthy meal or a gourmet feast, the Leacco Air Fryer stands ready to exceed your expectations with ease and efficiency.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 

A must-have for the contemporary kitchen, combining the best of modern convenience, adaptive cooking, and advanced technology. With its broad temperature capability ranging from a low 40°C up to a hot 200°C, this air fryer adapts to whatever recipe you’re keen on making to absolute perfection. Its standout feature? The smart scheduling, allowing you to set up your cooking endeavor 24 hours ahead, and a continuous cooking option that can last the whole day – perfect for gatherings or when you need food ready round the clock. The double-layer, non-stick surface ensures that your culinary creations slide out effortlessly and cleanup is a breeze. Navigating through its features is a breeze with the OLD touch screen display, bringing a modern touch to your meal prep routine. Ideal for the bustling lives of professionals or the daily tasks of homemakers, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is your dependable, intelligent kitchen companion, simplifying your cooking with a touch of innovation.

OOKAS Air Fryer Electric Fryer

Featuring top-notch advancements such as a clear LED display, straightforward touch controls, and an extensive array of pre-set menus, this air fryer delivers a smooth and customized cooking journey. Delight in the adaptability of its temperature regulation and adjustable thermostat, which guarantee perfectly cooked meals every single time. Its non-stick cooking surface together with a detachable oil container make cleaning up a breeze, turning meal preparation into an effortless activity. The Keep Warm function ensures that your dishes stay at the optimum warmth until you’re ready to serve. The OOKAS Air Fryer places a strong emphasis on safety by incorporating overheat protection and an indicator light that lets you know when your meal is ready to enjoy. What’s more, this air fryer arrives at your doorstep well-protected in durable multi-layer packaging. Discover a healthier way of cooking full of delightful flavors with the OOKAS Air Fryer—it’s the meeting point of convenience, safety, and culinary finesse.

ICON Air Fryer

Intertwining culinary innovation and effortless cooking in a sleek design that’s destined to transform your kitchen adventures. Featuring a dual digital and LED display, this air fryer not only stands out in your kitchen, but also makes navigating through options a breeze. Say goodbye to scrubbing and scraping with the fryer’s non-stick surface that ensures your post-meal clean-up is as smooth as your cooking process. With a variety of pre-set menus at your disposal and a handy pre-set timer, this air fryer allows you to whip up perfect dishes at the mere touch of a button. Its user-friendly touch controls add to this smooth user experience, offering precision control for each cooking session. Discover the ICON Air Fryer – combining sleek aesthetics, smart functionality, and simplicity in every meal you prepare.

PerySmith PS1530 3D Air Fryer

The PerySmith PS1530 3D Air Fryer, a gem amongst contemporary kitchen gadgets. Revolutionizing the culinary world with its pioneering ECOHEALTH technology, this air fryer grants the liberty to savor your beloved fried delicacies while reducing your oil use by an impressive 80%, promoting healthier eating habits. Its core sports a unique 9-blade 3D airflow heating system, guaranteeing rapid, energy-efficient heating. The device’s stainless steel heating element stands as a beacon of quality and safety, ensuring no detrimental chemicals are released during the cooking process. With a thermostat adjustable from 0°C to 200°C, this gadget is versatile enough to handle a wide spectrum of dishes. Bid farewell to strenuous washing thanks to the food-grade coating and easily-removed inner pan, making for quick cleanups and rendering the device dishwasher-friendly. A handy 60-minute timer with automatic shut-off is handy to avoid overcooked meals and ensure every dish is thoroughly and evenly cooked. The air fryer also features a layered, cool-to-touch body to facilitate safe removal of food, alongside an intelligent overheat protection that automatically switches off the machine when it gets overheated. The PerySmith PS1530 3D Air Fryer embodies culinary innovation, by providing healthier dining options while uncomplicating your cooking routine, keeping safety and convenience paramount.

Simplus Air Fryer

A game-changer in modern kitchen appliances. Utilizing a unique Micro-steam technology, it tenderly roasts your food, retaining freshness and tenderness in meat without drying it out. Its 1400W high power heating element warms up quickly, propelling you straight into your culinary journey. This air fryer steals the spotlight with its 360° Hot Air Circulation feature, where high-speed air effortlessly lifts off oil, ensuring your meals are oil-free but delectably crispy. The intelligent NTC Smart Temperature Control takes precision to the next level, carefully controlling temperature to avoid overcooking or burning of food. The Auto Power-Off Function adds an extra layer of safety as the fryer powers off upon removal of the basket and auto-reheats when the basket is returned, saving energy and promoting optimal cooking. Its standout feature is the double knobs control that delivers 50% more precision in temperature adjustment compared to single-knob models, offering ample flexibility in setting both time and temperature. Embrace the essence of modern, healthy, and hassle-free cooking with the Simplus Air Fryer.

Kaisa Villa Air Fryer

An innovative blend of comfort and quality designed to enhance your culinary exploits. This impeccable kitchen gear is equipped with robust air frying technology that quickly heats meals, consequently saving time while retaining the delicious flavors of your dishes. Its user-friendly design integrates intuitive knob controls, easy temperature settings, and a pre-set menu with a timer for smooth operation and varied cooking options, making it a fantastic addition to your kitchen ensemble. The durable, non-stick inner pot not only makes food release effortless, but it also simplifies post-cooking cleanups, making your overall cooking experience enjoyable. Manufactured using safe, non-toxic materials with superior heat resistance, the Kaisa Villa Air Fryer ensures meals are prepared safely, laying emphasis on both taste and health. With its striking fusion of fast and efficient cooking features, paired with easy operation, the Kaisa Villa Air Fryer emerges as a must-have kitchen tool for those striving to enrich their culinary journey while upholding a health-centric lifestyle.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is truly a game-changer in our home kitchens, transforming our approach to cooking. This remarkable contraption can replicate the enticing flavors and textures of traditionally fried, baked, roasted, or grilled foods, but with a significant twist. Instead of dousing our meals in large amounts of oil, it uses a different strategy entirely: it circulates hot air all around the food. What results is a mouth-wateringly crispy exterior, achieved with just a tiny fraction of the oil we’d normally use, thereby making our meals healthier without compromising on flavor or texture.

The fundamental technology behind this is the swift circulation of hot air, which ensures food is cooked quickly, evenly, and deliciously, yet with far fewer of the unhealthy attributes usually tied to frying. With their compact design and flexibility in use, air fryers have won over those seeking more healthful, swift, and handy meal preparation methods. With an air fryer at hand, home chefs can relish the crunchy, golden appeal of their favorite fried meals in a much more wholesome manner, making this device a fast-growing preference in today’s fast-paced kitchen environments.


  • Nutritionally Friendly Cooking: Employing a technique that circulates heat rapidly, air fryers are able to cook with much less oil than is found in traditional frying. This shift can substantially reduce the fat content and calorific intake of your meals, positioning them as a consciously healthier choice.
  • Time-Efficiency: The cutting-edge technology of air fryers allows for swift cooking, significantly cutting down kitchen activity time. This advantage is particularly appealing to those with tight schedules or families needing to juggle multiple tasks.
  • Flexibility in Cooking: Far from being one-trick ponies, air fryers offer a spread of culinary options. They seamlessly transition from frying to baking, grilling, and roasting, giving anyone the flexibility to whip up an assortment of dishes in their kitchen.


  • Change in Texture: While the results are impressively crispy, air fryers don’t always hit the same textural mark as their oil-immersed counterparts. Diners who are aficionados of that particular deep-fried crunch might find the air-fried texture to be slightly different, potentially missing the familiar oil-infused flavor.
  • Capacity Constraints: Air fryers typically don’t match the capacity of conventional ovens or deep fryers. Some models could limit how much you can cook at once, possibly necessitating multiple cooking rounds to accommodate larger meals, which might not be ideal for bigger families or entertaining guests.
  • Adjustment Period: Transitioning to an air fryer might come with a bit of a learning curve. Achieving the perfect balance of timing and temperature can take some practice compared to traditional methods, meaning there might be a journey of trial and error before mastering your new appliance.

Selecting the Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

Understanding the Filipino Kitchen

Before diving into models and makes, let’s consider the Filipino kitchen. Meals are hearty, family-sized, with an emphasis on flavor. An air fryer in a Filipino household, hence, needs to comply with larger cooking capacities, strong flavors, and food variety.

What to Look For in an Air Fryer


For families looking to whip up large batches of Lumpiang Shanghai or Lechon Kawali, a compact air fryer won’t cut it. Look for models starting at 5L to prevent cooking in multiple batches and making meal prep more efficient.

Preset Functions

Many air fryers now come with preset options for cooking modes. Keeping the diverse Filipino palette in mind, seek out multifunctional air fryers. A machine that can handle dehydrating Danggit and roasting peanuts as efficiently as frying fish is a multitasker’s dream.


Budget plays a pivotal role. Fortunately, the local market offers a wide spectrum, from economic models like Kyowa to high-end ones by Philips. Remember, the most expensive option isn’t necessarily the best for everyone’s individual needs.

Brand and Quality

A well-known brand tends to be synonymous with quality and durability, which is imperative when selecting an appliance you may use daily. But also peek into reviews and recommendations; the Filipino cooking community is vocal and will commend the air fryers that stand up to their vigorous cooking routines.

How We Selected the Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

To identify the best air fryers for the Filipino market, we focused on several key factors ensuring they meet the unique needs and preferences of local households:

  • Ease of Use: Our hunt was for air fryers designed with simplicity in mind, featuring user-friendly controls, intuitive designs, and easy cleaning methods to streamline the cooking experience.
  • Endorsements from Culinary Artists: The seal of approval from chefs skilled in Filipino gastronomy was crucial, as their recommendations highlight an air fryer’s competency in delivering authentic flavors and dishes.
  • Long-Lasting Construction: We sought out air fryers constructed to endure the bustling activity of daily cooking, making sure they’re durable enough to be kitchen mainstays meal after meal.
  • Value for Money: In our search, finding air fryers that strike the perfect harmony between affordability and superior performance was key, ensuring options for every budget without sacrificing essential features.
  • Feedback from Users: Genuine feedback from people who have put these air fryers to the test in their homes shed light on how well these devices meet the practical demands of Filipino cooking habits.
  • Safety First: Air fryers that come with protective features like automatic shutoff and overheating protection were at the top of our list, to ensure family safety is never compromised.

Further considerations were just as vital:

  • Energy-Smart Choices: We highlighted models known for their energy efficiency, supporting cost-effective cooking without compromising on quality.
  • Adaptable Cooking Capabilities: Our picks needed to be adaptable, capable of tackling a broad spectrum of Filipino culinary delights, from crispy favorites to baked delicacies, embracing the full spectrum of the culinary heritage.

This meticulous approach was taken to curate a selection of air fryers that aren’t just about healthier cooking methods but also celebrating the deep-rooted culinary traditions of the Philippines, ensuring that every meal is a testament to its rich flavors and cooking practices.


Reflecting on our detailed exploration of the top air fryers for the Philippines in 2024, it becomes apparent that our selections were meticulously chosen to meet the diverse requirements of Filipino families. These state-of-the-art kitchen tools are celebrated for their effortless operation, long-lasting build, and endorsement by culinary authorities, blending age-old cooking traditions with the ease of modern technology. This thoughtful selection aims to provide households with appliances that not only simplify cooking tasks but also enrich the culinary experience with reliable performance and expert-recommended quality. The most cost-effective and reliable models, with glowing reviews from satisfied users and built with safety at their core, stand ready to tackle the varied palette of Philippine cuisine—all while being kind to the environment. Our findings are designed to guide you towards making an informed choice, one that promises to elevate your home cooking to new heights of flavor and healthfulness while honoring the rich tapestry of Filipino culinary life.

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