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Hello Molly, an acclaimed fashion e-retailer, is notably beloved for its assemblage of trendy dresses, chic blouses, and stylish tops. Notable elements of their offerings include their high quality and wide range of products, rapid delivery, and efficient returns process. Meanwhile, they’re recognized for their top-notch customer service. Even so, while fans abound, certain concerns have surfaced regarding the pricing, return policy, and sizing.


  • Top-notch quality goods with incredible attention to detail that really shine through.
  • An impressively broad portfolio of products to vibe with different styles and occasions.
  • A return process that’s as smooth as butter.
  • Outstanding customer service that’s earning high-fives all around.
  • Score a sweet 10% off with your first newsletter sign-ups.


  • Aussie sizing that might throw off the international folks.
  • Price tags that won’t exactly have everyone on cloud nine.
  • Returns? Forget cash; it’s a store credit-only gig here.
  • International customers, brace yourself, the shipping costs are on the steep side. Oh, and no chucking it straight to your PO boxes.
  • Plus-sized ladies, it’s a bummer, but their size range might not serve up your perfect fit.

This review offers an in-depth overview of Hello Molly’s offerings, including product quality, sizing, pricing, shipping, returns and refunds policy, customer service, and more.

Product Quality

Hello Molly appears devoted to delivering superior quality garments. They use a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Despite maintaining considerable quality control procedures, some customers have reported instances of poor product craftsmanship, for example, sequins falling off or faulty zippers.


Hello Molly uses the Australian standard for sizing, which may differ considerably from American sizing. It’s essential to cross-check the size chart for a proper fit before placing an order.


The price range of Hello Molly’s products would be considered somewhat steep by some consumers, and others deem it overly priced. Whether Hello Molly’s clothing is worth the price depends on your purpose of purchasing.


Hello Molly offers diverse shipping rates based on the total order value. Despite some customers reporting high shipping fees for international clients, the overall feedback on shipping has been positive.

Returns and Refunds

Hello Molly allows returns for store credit only within 30 days of product delivery. While some customers find this process simple and efficient, others dislike the lack of options for refunds to their original payment method.

Customer Service

Despite some issues with product quality and returns, Hello Molly’s customer service is lauded for its prompt responses and problem-solving skills. However, there are complaints about how some issues, such as faulty products or lost packages, are handled.

Hello Molly Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the quality of Hello Molly’s clothing worth the price tag?

A: You bet. Quality is the name of the game at Hello Molly. They manage to mix high-tier style with attention to detail. There have been a few hiccups with craftsmanship on some products – no one’s perfect, after all – but they consistently deliver top-notch fashion.

Q: Are the sizes at Hello Molly true to size?

A: Well, it’s a bit tricky. Hello Molly’s sizing is standard Aussie, not American – so you might have to do a bit of mental gymnastics. But don’t sweat it, just check their comprehensive size charts before placing an order.

Q: Does Hello Molly offer a discount for newsletter sign-ups?

A: Absolutely! Get a quick 10% off with your first newsletter sign-up. Save money and stay updated on their latest styles – it’s a win-win!

Q: What’s the deal with Returns at Hello Molly?

A: Here’s the lowdown – Hello Molly accepts returns within 30 days of delivery. But keep in mind, they only offer store credit, not cash refunds. So, if you’re not 100% in love with your purchase, you’re stuck with a credit note.

Q: Does Hello Molly offer plus sizes?

A: Unfortunately, right now, Hello Molly’s size range isn’t quite hitting the marks for our curvy ladies. The current range is catered more to women sized 0-10.

Q: What’s the scoop on shipping rates at Hello Molly?

A: Okay, so shipping costs at Hello Molly aren’t exactly spare change, especially for our international friends. And sadly, they don’t ship to PO boxes. But hey, on the bright side, your order will reach you quick and secure!

Got more questions? Feel free to drop them, and we’ll answer with all the swagger and honesty you’ve come to expect from us.


Although Hello Molly has fans for its trendy clothing and excellent customer service, the brand has some notable drawbacks, including the high cost, limitation on returns, and exclusive sizing. However, should these factors not concern you, enjoy exploring Hello Molly’s stylish offerings!

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