Top 5 Best Hair Bleaches in the Philippines

Pull up a chair, amigo, cause we’re going bleach blonde today! We’re journeying down the bold and beautiful path towards lighter locks, all in the comfort of your own home. Why? Because you’ve got guts and we’ve got your back!

C’mon, let’s face it: when it comes to hair bleaching, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of products, all claiming to be ‘the best’. But worry not, we’ve got the insider info to help you see through the hype.Ready for a hair-raising adventure? Let’s beat around no bushes – here’s the straight-up, true-blue list of the Top 5 Best Hair Bleaches in the Philippines. Whether you’re shooting for platinum blonde, ash gray, or rainbow hues, these bad boys are trusted to lighten your mane game!These are not your average, run-of-the-mill brands. They’re the absolute top-shelf, pro-quality stuff, selected for their unbeatable bleaching power, conditioning chops, and stunning results. These are the products trusted by pro stylists and fearless home-dye fans alike.Grab your gloves, protective gear, and let’s dive into the bleaching bonanza. Clear, no-fuss verdicts coming your way – all served with a side of swag. Now, let’s bleach away to glory! Hold on tight because it’s time for a radically bright countdown – the audacious, amazing, and absolutely best hair bleaches in the Philippines.

Quick Look: Best Hair Bleaches in the Philippines

  1. LOREAL Paris Excellence Bleach Supreme – Check the latest price on Shopee
  2. Bremod Bleaching Powder – Check the latest price on Shopee
  3. Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder – Check the latest price on Shopee
  4. Natural Bleaching Powder – Check the latest price on Shopee
  5. Luxe Organix Keratin – Check the latest price on Shopee

LOREAL Paris Excellence Bleach Supreme

Alright, here’s the real-deal – the LOREAL Paris Excellence Bleach Supreme. We aren’t just talking about bleach here, oh no, we’re handing you an 8X Tone Lift with unparalleled Damage Protection. This is your all-in-one package – bleach powder, developer, lightening cream, shampoo, and even lightweight nourishing masks…and did we mention gloves too?

But here’s the kicker – we ain’t messing around when it comes to your hair’s well-being. That included shampoo and nourishing mask? They ain’t just there for a good time; they’re on a mission, a mission to keep damage at bay.

So, here’s to you, my friend – gear up for a new hair-rising adventure with our LOREAL Paris Excellence Bleach Supreme. When we mean business, we deliver quality. It’s just the way we roll.

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Bremod Bleaching Powder

The Bremod Bleaching Powder is a hair color product specifically designed to minimize hair damage during the bleaching process. This product weighs 400 grams and is noted as the BR-R003 variant from Bremod.

This Bleaching Powder enhances the permeability of the hair, making it easier for the product to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver its effects. As a result, it successfully turns faded hair into a shiny, tenacious, and vibrant hue. Furthermore, it helps to evenly distribute the hair color, giving a more uniform appearance.

Additionally, this Bremod product involves a cocoa formulation, which infuses the characteristic aroma of cocoa into the bleaching powder. This adds a pleasant experience for users during the application process.

In effect, this transformative Bremod Bleaching Powder not only colors the hair but also attends to its health and quality, thereby offering a comprehensive hair color solution.

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Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder

Let’s talk Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder. No nonsense, just pure bleaching power packed into a swift, easy-to-mix 50g package. This isn’t just any old bleach powder, oh no. It whips up into a creamy consistency that oozes professionalism – think premium latte, not instant coffee.

Lightening your hair, whether virgin or pre-colored, doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. This powder provides controlled, reliable lightening for up to an impressive seven levels of lift. Got a special technique you swear by? Go for it. This powder is versatile enough to work with all lightening techniques.

But the real magic? It’s got these nifty little anti-yellow molecules that battle those pesky orange and yellow undertones that can ruin a good bleach job. It’s like having a secret weapon in your bleaching kit.

To put it simply, the Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder doesn’t just deliver; it outperforms. So why wait? Embrace the lightening power today.

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Natural Bleaching Powder

The Natural Bleaching Powder isn’t just any other hair product on the shelf. Ideal for crafting those eye-catching blonde highlights or fearless streaks, this bleaching powder is a game changer. It’s dust-free – yeah, you heard it right, dust-free, so say sayonara to messy applications. It gets down to lighten your hair in record time, cranking up the volume to the max for a significant lift. It’s not just your average bleach; it’s got your back with a formula that’s as fast as lightning, quick on the draw, ensuring that maximum lift each time. And it doesn’t stop there; it packs a compact, fragrant formula leaving your hair smelling as fresh as a daisy. So, go ahead, give it a whirl and witness the admiring glances coming your way.

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Luxe Organix Keratin

Rocking the hair color game is the Luxe Organix Keratin Hair Color + Care Bleach bottle of 130ml. Tailored for an easy and mess-free experience, it ensures a no-fuss permanent hair coloring process. This powerful product masks your hair with intense color that will leave a noticeable impression. With a formula fortified with keratin, it adeptly manages and smoothens colored hair, all while offering intense hydration. The result? Hair that radiates softness and shine. Your hair doesn’t just look good—it feels good. This is Luxe Organix Keratin, the best blend of coloring and care.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Bleaches in the Philippines

Alright, my fearless bleach aficionado, you’re ready to lighten up and take your hair game to the next level. But hold up! Before we strap you in the colorist’s chair and dive bleach-first into this wild ride, let’s get a clear plan on choosing the best hair bleaches in the Philippines. We’re talking top-drawer, quality stuff that’ll give you jaw-dropping results without a hair horror story in sight.

1. Know Thy Hair

First stop, check out the hair you’re working with. Is your hair dyed, virgin, thick, thin, brunette, or blondie? Different types need different bleaches, so knowing your particular head of hair is step numero uno. Lighter hair can go Fast and Furious with a high-lift bleach, while our darker-haired, dyed damsels might need a slower but equally assertive approach.

2. Quality over Hype

Secondly, don’t get swayed by flashy packaging and celebrity endorsements. Read those labels, baby! Look for tested-and-trusted ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and bleach powder. These are the real MVPs that go to bat for your strands, lifting color while protecting the integrity of your hair.

3. Conditioner’s the Game Changer

Don’t you dare bleach without a quality conditioner within arm’s reach. Bleaching tends to dry out the hair, and ain’t nobody got time for a crunchy, frizzy head of hair. So slather on a rich, moisturizing conditioner post-bleach and watch straw-like strands turn silky smooth.

4. Price and Value

Budget’s key, champ. There’s a wide range of bleach products in the market, and the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best one for you. So, pick wisely based on your hair’s needs and your wallet’s limits.

5. Reviews Don’t Lie

Lastly, don’t overlook real user reviews. These bad boys are the straight-up, no chaser insight to what works and what’s trash. Consider it like advice from your brutally honest bestie!

FAQ Section

Can dark hair be bleached effectively at home?

A: You bet your boots, it can! However, darker manes require some extra TLC and a more cautious approach compared to lighter locks. But, with the right bleach and some patience, you’ll be rocking that stunning lighter shade in no time. Just read up on the process and follow the instructions – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is going from dark to light.

I’ve got a sensitive scalp; can I still bleach my hair?

Hey, sensitive-scalped friend, don’t worry. There are bleach formulas specifically designed for you! Look out for products that are sensitive scalp-friendly – they often contain added nourishing oils and soothing agents. Remember to follow the instructions and do a patch test before you dive in. No bleach is worth a scalp meltdown.

Does hair bleach damage the hair?

Let’s shoot straight – any chemical process can stress those luscious locks, but it doesn’t have to be a hair-ocalypse. Pick a quality product, follow the instructions, and use conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy and happy. Your mane will thank you for treating it right, and you’ll look dazzling in your platinum glory.

How often can I bleach my hair?

Slow down there, cowboy! Bleaching, though fabulous when done right, can be taxing on your tresses. Giving ample time between treatments is essential for healthy hair. Generally, you should wait at least four to six weeks between bleaching sessions, but it can vary depending on your hair condition and the bleach product in play. When in doubt, get a pro’s opinion.

What’s the maintenance like for bleached hair?

True, bleach babes need some extra care. But with the right haircare regime, it’s a breezy (and chic) ride. Get ready to stock up on nourishing conditioners, treatments, and heat protectants. In addition, purple shampoo can be a lifesaver for our platinum gang, kicking brassiness right outta town.


Remember, your bold, lightening journey doesn’t have to be a blind gamble. It’s about knowing the lay of the land, keeping your eyes on the quality, and dancing to the beat of your value drum. It’s your hair we’re talking about – no throwing darts in the dark here. With our guide in your back pocket, you’re all set to rock that stunning hue you’ve fantasized about. It’s time, my friends – charge boldly into the bracing bleach world, and light up your life in the coolest way possible. No fear, all flare. Let’s do this!

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