Does Bill Gates Own Microsoft?

Microsoft is one of the most iconic tech brands in history, and it was founded by Bill Gates.

The company was originally called Micro-Soft (microprocessors and software) and was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It started out as a programming language, but quickly expanded its offerings to include software development tools, operating systems, and other computer applications.

The company has since grown into one of the largest tech companies in the world. They’ve also made a name for themselves as an innovator in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other forward-thinking technologies.

But what do you think about this company? Who owns Microsoft today? In this article, we’ll look at these questions and more.

Does Bill Gates Own Microsoft?

No, Bill Gates does not own Microsoft. After leaving the board of directors in 2020, he ceased disclosing his ownership interest in Microsoft.

Bill Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. In 2020, Bill Gates stepped down from his position as Chief Software Architect and Chairman of the Board to devote more time to his philanthropic endeavors at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Since 2008, Bill Gates has donated more than $28 billion to charity; he pledged another $50 million to fight AIDS in Africa in 2018.

Who Owns Microsoft Now?

The largest shareholders of Microsoft are State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group Inc., Jean-Philippe Courtois, Bradford L. Smith, and BlackRock Inc. (BLK).

Who Is Microsoft’s Largest Shareholder?

Microsoft’s largest shareholder is The Vanguard Group, Inc. with an 8.01% stake in the company.


Bill Gates, the tech visionary and philanthropist, was the co-founder of Microsoft and played a pivotal role in molding the company into the global giant it is today. Though he once held a substantial stake in the company, his share has now significantly dwindled due to various reasons like diversifying his investments, stepping down from executive roles, and focusing more on philanthropy. As of now, Bill Gates is not the majority owner of Microsoft but remains one of the company’s top individual shareholders. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he started with his now-former spouse, has been the primary beneficiary of his wealth, along with other charitable causes. Hence, while Bill Gates may not “own” Microsoft in a controlling sense, his profound influence on the company and the shaping of its early successes certainly can’t be overstated.

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