Countering Rafaela in Mobile Legends: Advanced Tactics and Tips

Rafaela, renowned as a divine healer in Mobile Legends, can often tip the scales in her team’s favor with her buffing abilities, crowd control (CC) skills, and sustainability. Her presence on the battlefield can be a headache for the opposing team. Let’s delve into how to counter this celestial being and neutralize her supportive prowess.

The Challenge with Rafaela

Rafaela is a support hero that excels at keeping her teammates in the fight with AoE healing, increases in movement speed, and the ability to deal punishing bursts of true damage. Her ultimate, Holy Baptism, can catch multiple enemies with its control effects, making her a pivotal player in team fights.

However, her low mobility and squishy nature in the early game, along with high mana consumption, present opportunities for the enemy team to subdue her impact.

Effective Heroes Against Rafaela

Some heroes have kits specifically tailored to limit Rafaela’s effectiveness. These heroes can close in quickly, delivering the burst damage needed to take her out of the fight:

  • Karina – A mage/assassin with abilities that can bypass defenses to strike at Rafaela directly.
  • Saber – His ability to isolate and burst down a single target make him a formidable threat against her.
  • Hayabusa – With incredible burst potential and mobility, he can target and eliminate Rafaela with precision.
  • Natalia – As a stealthy assassin, she can find and kill Rafaela before she has a chance to react.
  • Moskov – His stun ability can pin Rafaela down long enough to be taken out, despite her supporting allies.

Conversely, Rafaela has an upper hand against heroes that cannot sustain her healing and CC, such as Alice, Cyclops, Sun, Nana, and Bane.

Itemization Against Rafaela

Choosing the right items can significantly reduce Rafaela’s influence:

  • Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance: These items hinder Rafaela’s healing abilities, cutting down team survivability.
  • Dominance Ice: Decreases her overall healing output while also slowing her already limited movement.
  • Purify: Useful to negate her CC, allowing for an immediate return to the offensive.
  • Winter Truncheon: Can protect against Rafaela’s burst damage and provide crucial moments of invincibility.
  • Corrosion Scythe, Ice Queen Wand, and Thunder Belt: These items can reduce Rafaela’s movement, making it difficult for her to position effectively.

For penetrating her defensive itemization in the late game:

  • Malefic Roar, Genius Wand, and Divine Glaive: Equip these for armor penetration and magic penetration to counteract her defenses.

Tactical Insights for Engaging Rafaela

Strategic play can make a world of difference:

  • Focus on eliminating her quickly in team fights before she can utilize her kit to its full extent.
  • Exploit her lack of mobility by flanking or ambushing her in skirmishes.
  • Maintain vision and map awareness to anticipate Rafaela’s movements and prevent successful rotations.
  • Avoid lining up to prevent her ultimate from hitting multiple teammates.
  • Prioritize ganking Rafaela early to limit her level and item progression.


While Rafaela can bring an abundance of sustain and CC to her team, a well-considered approach regarding hero selection, itemization, and in-game tactics can mitigate her contributions. Focus on applying pressure, reducing her healing and mobility, and be relentless in your engagement to ensure that this guardian angel doesn’t become the savior of the opposing team.

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