Countering Clint in Mobile Legends: A Strategic Guide

Clint stands out as a gun-slinging marksman known for his significant burst damage, critical hits, and devastating area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. However, with every hero comes a counter-strategy, and preventing Clint from becoming an overbearing threat on the battlefield is crucial for achieving victory.

Understanding Clint’s Threat

Clint can effortlessly dominate a game if allowed to farm and scale into the later stages. His skill set allows for high damage from a range, particularly with his Passive – Double Shot, which enhances his burst capabilities. His AOE skills like Quick Draw and his Ultimate – Grenade Bombardment can wreak havoc during team fights. His mobility skill, Trapping Recoil, provides not only a way to reposition but also crowd control (CC) to disrupt opponents.

However, despite his strengths such as easy gameplay, good poke, and clearing minions swiftly, Clint’s weaknesses can be exploited. His squishy nature and the ability to block his skills make him vulnerable to precise counterplays.

Heroes to Counter Clint

Success against Clint involves utilizing heroes that can either catch him off-guard or withstand his damage. Consider these heroes based on their win rates against him:

  • Eudora – Her burst magic damage can eliminate Clint before he even gets a chance to retaliate.
  • Akai – As a tank, Akai can lock Clint down with crowd control, giving his team the chance to eliminate the threat.
  • Karina – An assassin who can dive onto Clint and burst him down quickly.
  • Fanny – With unparalleled mobility, Fanny can bypass Clint’s front line and take him out directly.
  • Freya – Known for her fighting prowess, Freya can leap into the fray and sustain Clint’s damage while dishing out her own.

Conversely, Clint holds the upper hand against heroes like Nana, Miya, Aurora, Moskov, and Alpha due to their inability to close the distance effectively or survive his onslaught.

Itemization to Suppress Clint’s Power

Wise item choices are essential to dampen Clint’s impact on the game:

  • Wind of Nature: Utilized by marksmen and assassins for temporary immunity to physical attacks.
  • Dominance Ice: A tank or fighter item that slows down Clint’s attack speed.
  • Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass: Provide resistance to physical attacks, reducing Clint’s damage output significantly.
  • Immortality: It offers a second chance, enabling you to resurrect and continue the battle.
  • Brute Force Breastplate, Thunder Belt, Blade Armor: These enhance your physical defense and resilience.
  • Winter Truncheon: Gives mages the ability to freeze themselves, avoiding Clint’s potential kill shots.
  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand: These items are vital for decreasing Clint’s movement speed, making him an easier target.

Lastly, the spell Purify can be the key to neutralizing Clint’s potential stuns, securing your escape or giving you the upper hand in an encounter.

Battle Tactics Against Clint

Developing the right combat strategies is essential:

  • Play aggressively early on. Do not allow Clint to free-farm or he will become a late-game nightmare.
  • Heroes with burst damage and high mobility can close the gap and eliminate Clint swiftly.
  • Employ frequent ganks to keep his power in check; focus on him quickly in team fights before he can deal substantial damage.
  • Crowd control is your ally against Clint, as it can interrupt his damage flow.
  • Manage your health wisely. If you are low on HP, keep your distance as his ultimate can finish you off.


While Clint can be a formidable opponent in Mobile Legends, the right approach in heroes, items, and tactics can significantly reduce his influence on the game. An understanding of his weaknesses and strategic aggression can ensure that this sharpshooter is neutralized before he gets a chance to control the outcome of a match.

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