Can You Shower With An iPhone XS?

Do you ever wonder if you can take your iPhone XS into the shower with you? This concept might sound a bit alien, but it’s one that many iPhone users frequently ponder. In a modern world where devices morph into lifestyle attachments, the curiosity is understandable. So, in this guide, we will dive into the iPhone XS’s water resistance capabilities and address the “shower with your iPhone” question directly.

The iPhone XS—launched by Apple Inc. in 2018—is a significant advancement in the iPhone series. Among its myriad features, one of the most marketed was its water and dust resistance capabilities—an aspect designed to enhance the device’s durability and lifespan.

Understanding iPhone XS Water Resistance

The iPhone XS touts an impressive IP68 rating. An IP Rating or Ingress Protection Rating gauges a device’s resistance to both dust and water. So, what does an IP68 rating mean?

  • The ‘6’ refers to dust resistance, where ‘6’ is the highest achievable score.
  • The ‘8’ is the water resistance score, where ‘8’ is the highest commonly used level. However, it’s pivotal to understand the caveats.

IP68 on the iPhone XS implies it can withstand water immersion up to two meters (approximately 6.6 feet) for thirty minutes. But does it mean your iPhone XS is waterproof? In a word, No. Water-resistant is not synonymous with waterproof. The iPhone XS is engineered to survive accidental water exposure, not ongoing water submersion.

Risks of Showering with Your iPhone XS

Despite its touted water-resistance, taking your iPhone XS into the shower isn’t recommended. Here’s why:

1. Hot Showers and Steam Damage

The water resistance tests are conducted using freshwater at room temperature. Therefore, the iPhone XS is not designed to withstand the hot water typically used in showers. Additionally, the water vapor (steam) generated in hot showers can penetrate smaller areas easier than liquid water, potentially causing unnecessary damage to internal components.

2. Longevity of Water Resistance

The water-resistance of your iPhone XS is not permanent. It diminishes over time with regular wear and tear: drops, bumps, and regular use impact the seals and gaskets that provide water resistance.

3. Impact on Warranty

It’s essential to note that Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage. As per Apple’s official statement, “damage caused by liquid is not covered under Apple’s warranty.”

Tips for Protecting Your iPhone XS

If you’re still keen on having your iPhone nearby while having a shower, consider the following alternatives:

1. Use a Waterproof Case

Using a waterproof case or pouch can add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone XS, especially if you plan to bring it into moisture-rich environments regularly.

2. Use a Shower Speaker

An excellent alternative is using a shower speaker connected to your iPhone XS through Bluetooth. You can safely leave your device outside the shower, preventing steam and water damage but keeping your audio within earshot.

3. Use a Shower Caddy

If you want visual access to your device, invest in a shower caddy or mount. Keep it as far from the direct stream as possible to mitigate damage risk. Just be prepared to wipe off condensation post-shower.

In Conclusion

While technology is continually advancing and making life simpler, how we care for these technological achievements has a significant impact on their lifespan. The iPhone XS, with its water and dust resistance capabilities, is no exception. Despite being able to survive accidental liquid drops, it’s not designed—or recommended—to withstand direct and continuous exposure to water. So, while it might survive a quick dash through the rain, your beloved device is better off outside the steamy environment of your daily shower.

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