Discover the Top 5 Best E-Bikes in the Philippines: An Essential Guide

Navigating through city traffic or commuting over long distances in the Philippines can often be challenging and time-consuming. E-bikes emerge as a sustainable and efficient solution to these common problems. This meticulously selected roundup provides the Top 5 Best E-Bikes in the Philippines, carefully selected for their remarkable blend of performance, durability, and innovative design. Our rigorous selection process ensures that these models deliver exceptional value and provide an unparalleled biking experience, making them the best E-bike choices in the Philippine market. Discover the future of urban commuting with these top-of-the-line E-bikes.

The Top 5 Best E-Bikes in the Philippines

  1. Fiido D4s Folding Electric Bicycle – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. SK Original Avia Electric Bike – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Wuso Super Uno Electric Bike – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. AMGO 48V Electric Bike – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. 14 Inch Folding Electric Bike – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Fiido D4s Folding Electric Bicycle

Experience unmatched convenience and performance with Fiido D4s Folding Electric Bicycle. This top-tier electric bicycle is a true game-changer for active individuals who value efficiency and design.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: With a potent 250W wheel motor, this bicycle can reach a maximum speed of 31km/h and easily handle gradients of up to 80 degrees.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a Li-ion battery, enjoy up to 80km of travel on a single charge.
  • Sturdy and Flexible Wheels: The 20-inch inflatable rubber wheels are designed to handle diverse terrains with ease.
  • Lightweight and Compact: At just 18.5kg, this bicycle’s ultralight weight and quick folding design make it easy to carry in your car trunk.
  • Durable construction: The robust aluminum alloy shell can comfortably carry up to 120kg.
  • Ergonomic design: The bicycle’s design is informed by professional ergonomic principles, which offers you more comfort while riding.
  • User versatility: This bicycle is suitable for both adults and teenagers, making it a great choice for family fun.
  • 3-Level Moped Modes: Choose from three varied moped modes to suit your riding preference, boosting ride versatility and enjoyment.

With Fiido D4s Folding Electric Bicycle, get ready to transform every journey into an enjoyable adventure.

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SK Original Avia Electric Bike

Introducing the SK Original Avia Electric Bike – a blend of engineering prowess and innovative technology wrapped into an efficient, high-performance electric bike.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Motor: Furnished with an Original Alloy Motor that delivers consistent and reliable performance.
  • High-performing Batteries: Fitted with a 48V12Ah battery and a 350-watt brushless hub motor.
  • Impressive Mileage and Speed: Attain top speeds of 40–45 Kph and navigate for a substantial range of 40–50Km.
  • Sturdy Tires: It comes with 14″x2.50″ tubeless tires, ensuring a smooth and worry-free ride.
  • Payload Capacity: Engineered to accommodate a whopping 150kg load capacity.
  • Equipped with Two Remotes: Enjoy the convenience of two remotes for better functionality.
  • Essential Accessories: Includes a side mirror, anti-theft alarm, basket, center stand (with wheels), pedal, signal light, front compartment, and rear wheel lock.
  • Charging Time: Reaches full charge in 8 hours from a low battery state.

With the SK Original Avia Electric Bike, elevate your commute and ride into the future.

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Wuso Super Uno Electric Bike

Discover the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and style with the Wuso Super Uno Electric Bike, offering a seamless and eco-friendly way to commute or enjoy leisurely rides.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Foot Rest: Designed with a footrest for a more enjoyable and relaxed experience.
  • Advanced Digital Gauge and Display: Equipped with a new digital gauge, digital display control, and speedometer for easy monitoring of your ride.
  • Original Alloy Motor: The powerful and reliable Original Alloy Motor ensures smooth functioning.
  • High-quality Batteries: Furnished with a 48V12Ah battery and a 350-watt brushless hub motor.
  • Top-notch Speed and Range: Achieve speeds of 40–45 Kph and a substantial range of 40–50Km.
  • Reliable Tires: Fitted with 14″x2.50″ tubeless tires for a smooth, hassle-free ride.
  • Impressive Load Capacity: Designed to carry up to 150kg without breaking a sweat.
  • Two Remotes for Added Functionality: Comes with two remotes for better control and convenience.
  • Essential Accessories: Includes a side mirror, anti-theft alarm, basket, center stand (with wheels), pedal, signal light, front compartment, and rear wheel lock.
  • Charging Time: From low battery, a full charge is achieved within 8 hours.

Upgrade your everyday travel experience with the Wuso Super Uno Electric Bike and immerse yourself in the future of commuting.

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AMGO 48V Electric Bike

Meet the AMGO 48V Electric Bike – efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish, this bike provides the perfect transportation solution for modern urban dwellers.

Key Features:

  • Pedal Support: Equipped with a pedal for a seamless and convenient ride experience.
  • Loading Capacity: Sturdy enough to support a 100kg maximum load capacity.
  • Charge Time: Charges fully in just 3-8 hours, allowing you to get back on the road swiftly.
  • LED Headlight: Keeps you visible and safe with a powerful LED headlight.
  • Powerful Motor: Fitted with a 350W motor, enabling top-notch performance.
  • Range per Full Charge: Travel up to 40km on a single charge for uninterrupted, longer trips.
  • Max Speed: Hit impressive speeds of up to 20km/h with ease.
  • Front & Rear Brakes: Stay safe with reliable drum brakes on both front and rear wheels.
  • Charging Indicators: Convenient charging indicators show red when charging and green once fully charged.
  • Scooter Brake Method: Front and rear disc brakes provide optimal control.
  • Removable Battery: Easily remove the battery to charge it indoors at your convenience.
  • Waterproof Design: Constructed to withstand light rain while ensuring continued performance.
  • Multiple Riding Modes: Choose from three modes: Electric mode (100% electric consumption), Help cycling mode (50% electric consumption), and Fully cycling mode (0% electric consumption).

Experience the best of electric biking with the AMGO 48V Electric Bike, the ideal travel companion for urban adventures.

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14 Inch Folding Electric Bike

Unearth unmatched convenience and first-class performance with the 14 Inch Folding Electric Bike. Crafted as a high configuration model, it caters to riders demanding superior movement and trustworthiness.

Key Features:

  • Shock-Absorbing Seat: Offers a smooth and comfortable ride, reducing strain on your body even on tougher terrains.
  • Sturdy and Robust: Built with a capability to withstand up to 120kg without compromising on performance.
  • Battery Display Instrument Panel: Keeps you updated about the battery status with a clear and easy-to-read panel.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame: Despite being robust, the bike’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame makes it easy to handle.
  • Reliable ABS Brake System: Allows for efficient, responsive braking and improved safety while riding.
  • 5 Layer Thicken Tire: Delivers an impressive grip on various surfaces for a secure riding experience.
  • Strong Climbing Ability: Wows with a strong climbing ability that can handle up to 30 degrees, great for uphill routes.
  • Foldable Design: Its foldable nature lets it easily fit into a car boot, offering remarkable portability.
  • Removable Battery: Enjoy the convenience of removing the battery for charging indoors.

With the 14 Inch Folding Electric Bike, make every journey an exciting adventure that blends comfort, safety, and brilliance!

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How to Choose the Best E-Bikes in the Philippines

Choosing an e-bike, just like deciding on any other type of vehicle, requires careful consideration. Since electronic bikes, also known as e-bikes, are rapidly growing in popularity in the Philippines, more and more brands and models are becoming available. While this provides a variety of options for potential buyers, it also makes deciding on the best e-bike more daunting. This guide seeks to simplify the process and provide you with practical tips on how to choose the best e-bikes in the Philippines.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E-Bike in the Philippines

  • Riding Range: This refers to the distance your e-bike can travel on a single charge. Depending on your needs, be it commuting to and from work or for leisure riding, the range would be an essential factor to consider.
  • Motor Power: The level of motor power determines the speed and strength of your e-bike. In general, more power results in better performance, but it also affects battery life.
  • Battery Life: The e-bike’s battery life is a crucial factor since it determines how far you can go with a single charge. Choose a bike with a battery that can last for your typical use-case.
  • Weight: How heavy the e-bike is may affect its speed and how much effort is needed to ride it, especially on inclines and rough terrain. Be sure to choose a bike you can handle.
  • Design and Comfort: Different e-bikes come with different designs. Comfort should be a priority since you’re likely to spend a fair amount of time on it. Be sure to consider the e-bike’s comfort level in relation to your body shape and size.
  • Price: As with any purchase, price is a significant factor. E-bikes can range in cost, affected by factors such as brand, model, and features.

The best e-bike for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. When in doubt, seek professional advice, take test rides if possible, and ultimately, choose the e-bike that feels most comfortable, fulfills your needs, and fits within your budget.


Choosing the ideal e-bike is a personal decision, mainly hinging on your specific needs, pricing considerations, and riding preferences. The Philippines offers a diverse array of electric bikes, each with different strengths and benefits. The top five e-bikes analyzed in this guide stand out due to their superior range, notable battery life, potent motor power, comfortable designs, reasonable weight, and competitive pricing.

These top-tier bikes showcase the best of what the Philippine e-bike industry has to offer and provide options suitable for a wide array of potential users, from daily commuters to adventure enthusiasts. With these options, you’re sure to find the perfect e-bike that resonates with your riding habits and lifestyle needs.

Remember, the best e-bike doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive one; instead, it’s the e-bike that matches your preference, purpose of riding, and brings you the most satisfaction. Make your choice mindful of your needs and the multiple factors to consider, and enjoy the journey that your chosen e-bike will undoubtedly bring!

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